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Least Favourite BB

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For me it's 2008. I had no problems watching this season, but the 2008 season made me stop watching and miss episodes from time to time.


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What season was it when they had the stripper pole and that silly twit brunette dressed as the slutty nurse danced on it? That would be my least fave.


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What season was it when they had the stripper pole and that silly twit brunette dressed as the slutty nurse danced on it? That would be my least fave.

Ha! That would be Gianna!


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Since I started watching in 2003, BB 2008 is the only series I actually gave up on and stopped watching (though I did watch most of it).

I often forget that Terri was the winner. I remember her about as well as some first evictees.

Kyle and Jackie O were a big factor. Pamela Anderson?

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I might have said BB 2014, but this was the first year that I really got involved with this forum, and it enhanced my enjoyment so much that I will always look on it fondly.

I didn't watch 08, but liked for the Heathers reference.


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What big brother should I start?!
I've seen
2006 (amazing)
2007 (I thought that was pretty good)
2008 (shit)
2012 (amazing comeback)
2013 (one of the best big brothers ever)
2014 (as shit as 2008)


I stopped watching this year after 2 weeks and never missed it. Terrible casting. The housemates have the lowest collective IQ since I started watching the program (2005). Just went to this web-page and saw the winner. Reaction: meh. Who's Ryan? Who cares.


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Still sticking to my opinion here. After rewatching it, 2008 was still a disaster. A travesty. Horrible, boring and unlikable set of housemates (besides a few like Bianca and Alice). Annoying gimmicks. Worst winner and runner-ups - These final 3 actually made this season rather unforgivable and horrible.


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I rewatched 2001,2002,2003 over the summer this year, and I found 2002 so mundane to watch. when I watched 2001 I would smash through a week or 2 weeks each day, 2002 I had to force myself to watch. Unintersting cast apart from some (Mirabai, Peter, Sahra and Alex really bored me). Worst winner out of all 11 in my opinion is Peter, and the last 4 weeks are really a drag to watch. My mum had told me for like 13 years how much she loved Jess and Marty on Big Brother, so I watched it with high expectations and was extremely disappointed.


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If I had to rank each series:
1. 2004 (Best series, I loved the all final 7 original housemates)
2. 2005 (Amazing series with stand outs like Vesna and Christie)
3. 2001 (Even rewatching it when its 18 years old the authenticity of it is still so clear and enjoyable to watch)
4. 2007 (Under rated, decent cast, I personally found it very enjoyable)
5. 2012 (I actually liked 9s first attempt at Big Brother, decent relatable people and consistency with the format)
6. 2006 (A pretty meh series imo but good cast, decent twists and also enjoyable story lines)
7. 2013 (Pretty good cast for 9, interesting story line however the story line itself I found to be repetitive until the end)
8. 2003 (The only meh series on 10 IMO, loved Reggie however after star housemates like Saxon and Joanne leave its a drag to watch)
9. 2008 (Meh underrated, not that bad, and I personally disagree with the negativity towards the final 3)
10. 2002 (Explained above)
11. 2014 (Worst series)


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I'll go with 2008 too. Kyle and Jackie O were terrible. It was downhill all the way after that in my opinion, although I did still watch until the end.

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2008 wasn’t great, but 2014 was the worst IMO. I stopped watching 3 weeks in. The heavy editing and the soap storyline telling was terrible.
Heavily manufactured content that season.


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As much as I love Kyle and Jackie O, I do agree 2008 was the least enjoyable. I really liked Bridgette and Nobi as contestants, but thought it was rather cruel they made Rima participate in that particular FNL which ended up in Rima breaking her leg. Anyone could of seen that was just an accident waiting to happen! I haven’t seen the footage since 2008, but will do a search to see if I can find it.