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It's commonly brought up in these forums and in water cooler conversations that these four seasons are labelled "the worst" of the series at some point. But I just want to find out everyone's opinions as to which one of the four is considered the worst of the bunch.

Sure, you may have another series you think deserves to be in the poll, but there's no denying the fact these four series are most commonly labelled as the weakest in the series.

BB 2002 - due to it not ageing well and having no striking personalities or storylines other than the Jess & Marty saga.

BB 2007 - too nice, too safe, dull

BB 2008 - too gimmicky, Kyle & Jackie O, terrible final 3

BB 2014 - the worst of the 9 saga. Too inconsistent, strayed too far from what BB used to be, dull HM's.
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Y'know what, I'm gonna throw a spanner in the works and vote BB02.

It's the season I feel I'm least engaged with whenever I attempt to re-watch it and it was also the season that I connected with the least at the time it aired. While it's still brilliant in its own right - it delivered some great moments and had a few standout HM's - there's just a spark missing to that season, imo.

However, in saying that, I only voted it the "worst" based solely on the house dynamics and my personal overall interest in the HM's that year.

If we're talking the worst season based on overall production, consistency, level of audience interaction, creativity and originality, then obviously this year's BB11 instantly takes the number one spot. 100%. I don't doubt that HM's and the developments inside the house this year were fantastic, the problem is we never saw anything other than the manufactured version of events only they wanted us to see. It's definitely the worst BBAU season in that sense.


Yeah, agreed. Two different categories really.

2002 just didn't have that spark, that replay value, or any standout housemates in hindsight.
Whereas BB'11 felt too manufactured on a production scale.

I still voted BB'11 at this stage because, despite BB2002 being a bit dull, it still felt more voyagistic and closer to the format we've come to love. And even though we didn't see as much of this years housemates, you can still kind of tell there wasn't any standout moments or memorable personalities that will age well.


How was BB07 too nice?

I felt there was a more cautious approach to BB2007, due to the previous year's "Turkey slap" incident. Despite Emma & Michelle, the house was quite a more subdued bunch. Not the worse series IMO, but it's similar to BB2002 in the sense that it just didn't have that fire.


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Since I started watching in 2003, BB 2008 is the only series I actually gave up on and stopped watching (though I did watch most of it).

I often forget that Terri was the winner. I remember her about as well as some first evictees.

Kyle and Jackie O were a big factor. Pamela Anderson?

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw!

I might have said BB 2014, but this was the first year that I really got involved with this forum, and it enhanced my enjoyment so much that I will always look on it fondly.


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I voted for this years, even from opening night i never warmed to any of the housemates, normally when its over, for a week or two after i miss not having the show to watch, this year it is almost like a relief its over, really really hope that Alex Mavroidakis is given the boot for his choice of housemates and the methods that he uses to recruit housemates and hopefully Ten will buy back the rights to the show.

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This finale anticlimax feels like that feeling of waking up to sex that you will forever regret . Does that sound about right ?


Looks clear then.
BB2008 because of casting, gimmicks, K&J'O.
BB2014 because of production values/casting.

Another question would be what is more important to you as a viewer- more footage or better casting?

BB2008 was terrible, however, there's no denying we had plenty of footage in that season compared to BB2014.
Whereas BB2014 was terrible for production values/getting to know the housemates properly without manufactured storylines.

If BB2003 (for example, not saying it's the best season) was given the treatment that BB2014 was given, where would we rank it I wonder.....


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This series easily. 2008 was bad, but was still BB in terms of having access to the house, albeit on a 15 minute delay and constantly changing cameras away from interesting conversations. But even boring conversations and shots of the backyard were better than nothing at all.

BB 2002 - due to it not ageing well and having no striking personalities or storylines other than the Jess & Marty saga.