Jade 2013 Appreciation thread


bla bla bla she fucked ED who cares? This thread is over a year old. *smh*
Exactly! Lol

Inigo Montoya

The New Dread Pirate Roberts.
Hey saw Jade is an Telstra ad on a bus stop the other day. Well done to her, I admit I have not been following along with what is going on with the former HMs so this bus ad could have already been discussed in the Antics thread... Any other news on Jade?


Never again
Words that rhyme with Jade: made, spade, paid, laid, maid, raid, lemonade, parade, Gatorade, fade, wade, cascade, fade, braid, and blade.


Never again
Shade, bade, evade, made (homophone) spayed (another homophone), glade.

I wonder if Jade would ever have to read a poem as part of her acting career? Although I haven't heard anything about that recently. She seems to be doing more gym stuff lately I think.