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I am starting to wonder if there is a mystery 3rd person lurking giving Julia this bad advice ...

There certainly is such a 3rd person, although it isn't just one, but many, all of whom have their own agendas. It's been bad advice from the start of her PMship.

Who is the bigger fool, the one giving the lousy advice or the one taking it?
At this point in time I am honestly shocked she hasn't cleared house and hired a crack new team

(a good one, not one that is on crack har har hardi har, though a team on crack might be good, they would certainly work hard)
Re Julia,

1. botox is a no no, her eyebrows dont move at ALL... NOT AT ALL ...
The only thing that moves (besides her mouth) and only slighty moves is that indent crease in her forehead... This bothers me; I end up fixated on the lack of movement and honest facial expression, not to mention I hate that Im thinking these things and also desperately wanting to know who she goes to and what procedure she got done so I can say NO I dont want that, I dont want to think or wonder these things about political leaders, its DISTRACTING

2. I thought Julia was rocketing first week back in parliament, it actually made me miss her back when she was about accountability, transparency when she was deputy in opposition...I should also mention as much as Payne pains me (haha) Christopher Payne also gave me a barrell of laughs the first week too with his points and even more so his delievery (entertainment factor)

3. lmaooooooo DS

4. Agrees with Ichi and Fowl

5. If any one watched QandA last night, Bill Shorten sure sounded like depending on possible outcomes that he was positioning himself with either Julia and/or Kevin

6. Fractions (left and right) need to be exposed and exploded and buried forever

7. I actually dont mind some of the policies, however I have issue with 'how' and 'when' some of these polices will be executed

8. Government (Labor and Liberal) need to start listening and adopting, not half listen and half adopt recommendations
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In the news lately they have spoken of Rudd being a back stabber and sneaky by organising a challenge. Didn't Julia and crew do the same thing to oust Rudd? Am I missing something here? Or is it just because the media guess Rudd would like to make a comeback and had no idea what Julia was planning to tar her with the same brush- back then?
Rudd has eaten his own ear wax and got away with it, as well as being busted at a NY strip club. Whoever thought that this would do any damage is an absolute dork!

I am starting to wonder if there is a mystery 3rd person lurking giving Julia this bad advice hoping that her and Rudd will end up imploding and they can take their place.

During question time a week or two ago one Mike Rann seen hovering around the julia camp offering advice.....
We also have to realise that the media and the Libs are probably behind a good portion of this 'oooo look out Joolia, Ruddmeister coming to getz ya' it is another distraction so they can claim that Julia is not getting anything done when she is getting stuff done.

No more Carbon Tax as a distraction technique so they have to make something up.

Julia is being attacked by her own people as well as outside forces it seems.

@ kats - no. 6 & 8 are spot on. I am sick of them acting for themselves or a few rich buddies or the 'moral' (ha ha as if) majority in the form of the ACL. Definitely sick of left and right factions within a left wing party! And I guess even the Libs are starting to get a divide, though not as obvious.
^ so true ichi. I just can't believe that the media fall into that trap. They should know better... well one would hope they would.
nothing surprises me with this current crop of media in this country

The media are doing their job, not the job they should be doing, but a job nevertheless

DECIDING who should be leader of the Labor party is not an episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

The battle over the Labor leadership may not be an "episode of Celebrity Big Brother" as the Prime Minister said this morning, but when Julia Gillard turned up to the Melbourne Citymission to celebrate equal pay for community workers, she was treated precisely like a celebrity.

There were whoops and cheers, even tears. There was adoration and applause. T-shirts were autographed. At the end, there was even a "Julia, Julia, Julia" chant. It was a bit like a rock concert, but with scones.

For pro-Gillard strategists, the vision was gold: a relaxed and smiling leader basking in the glow of Labor true believers from the Australian Services Union.

Ms Gillard used the event to highlight the strengths of her administrative skills. Wins like the recent Fair Work decision to significantly increase pay for women in the community and social sector do not just come about.

They take, Ms Gilard said, government working "in a patient and methodical way" (not "chaos and paralysis" like Kevin Rudd, she might have said, but that would have been too political for the occasion).

Melbourne Citymission which has been a key agency in the push for equal pay, was only recently asked to host the event. Chief executive officer Ric Holland said he got a call on Wednesday from the Australian Services Union, the same day Kevin Rudd resigned as foreign minister.
For pro-Gillard strategists, the vision was gold: a relaxed and smiling leader basking in the glow of Labor true believers from the Australian Services Union.

Meh, even the MSM would like us to think a PM isn't just a leader of their political party ! :mad:

Anyhoo, in other news, W.A. is following in QLD's shadow and shall attempt to bring into law a contradiction whereby a somebody who harms unto death an unborn child can (rightfully and understandably) be tried for murder but if the actual mother employs somebody to harm unto death their unborn child, no charges will be laid. :confused::rolleyes:

Murder if murder and The State should always act on behalf of the unborn that they not be utterly undefended, and any wrongs inflicted against them be brought to justice if not avenged !

Being a mother to be of an unborn child should be no defence or excuse against being brought to justice for any harm that unborn child suffers during its relatively short (compared to rest of normal expected life) time in the womb.


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