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Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster

Sources close to Fevola have confided to the Sunday Herald Sun that the controversial Carlton medallist is indeed on the show.

“He has told his mates he is entering the jungle in two weeks,” a close friend said.


Despite the secrecy surrounding the show, word is comedians Akmal Saleh and Fiona O’Loughlin, Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea, surfer Layne Beachley, Studio 10 panellist Denise Drysdale and former Funniest Home Videos host Toni Pearen will be part of the cast this year.

Shane Warne is also expected to make a guest appearance.

An on-set source has revealed that there is also a “surprisingly big name” star from Hollywood on the show this year with actor Rob Lowe’s name being mooted.


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I adore Rob Lowe. I would be extremely surprised if he would do it though, he has a fairly successful new series in the US that he was even nominated for a Golden Globe for.


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.... Woman’s Day has learned enough to dispel some of the rumours, and confirm exclusively that British celebrity Bonnie Lythgoe has secretly signed on to the show.

The former judge on the US and Australian versions of So You Think You Can Dance arrived in South Africa a week ago and will be in the jungle come January 31.

We can exclusively confirm that Bonnie Lythgoe has joined the cast.

Now, to all the celebs who WON’T be in the jungle.

Australia’s queen of TV, Kerri-Anne Kennerley tells us she “won’t ever, ever” be giving up her luxuries and bunkering down in a bush camp.

The Celebrity Apprentice star may have been approached, as has Patti Newton, but neither will be there come launch night.

New Studio Ten co-host Denise Drysdale is also a non-starter and it’s unlikely cricket legend and poker entrepreneur Shane Warne will be involved other than as an “intruder” for a very limited time. ....



Bonnie Lythgoe would be quite good actually.

Shane Warne as a "guest" intruder does sound more likely, I doubt they'd give all those special treatment clauses to a regular participant.


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.........The Sunday Herald Sun has learned Warne has a “gentleman’s agreement” with Channel 10 that will see him paid more than $420,000 a week for I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, with the star to receive $3 million in total......

....The well-known ladies’ man will no doubt be pleased by rumours Bachelor beauty Laurina Fleur and ex-Funniest Home Videos host Toni Pearen could be his campmates.........



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I'm not sure if this one has been discussed already, but this article from a few days ago mentions a change in voting methods:


Still no landline voting, but at least the main vote has been moved to phone-only, and Twitter voting restricted to the challenges. The problem with Twitter voting isn't just the international issue mentioned in the article, it's that it skews towards a younger demographic, and also it's a public voting method - so it's skewed towards what people are willing to be seen to support.


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Should add, the problem with no landline voting is that SMS voting might not be available on prepaid mobiles as it's done via premium numbers.