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I'm A Celebrity! AU (2016) - Articles


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Heather's 'absence' on last night's NOW! has made its way to various tv sites, from the image-laden Daily Mail to the more respectable TV Tonight.


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Information on the next trial:


Note that...

... they have to draw straws as to who goes in which box, so they don't get to choose who gets the one with rising water.

On Shane, money and last night's chat about financial struggles:


Confirmation celebrities are allowed to smoke off-camera:


Mystery celebrity in lockdown last year:




Chore allocation and Jo Beth's 'World's End' trial:

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Joel is briefly mentioned in this article:


FOR all of the flack it cops, reality television is one of the few places where you can see a truly broad spectrum of Australians, small screen legend Tony Ayres says.

Whether a talent show or a cooking competition, these formats routinely feature people from all walks of life, backgrounds and sexualities.

Programs like The Block, which featured a gay couple in its debut series, and Australian Idol, which made drag queen Courtney Act a household name, set the benchmark for bold, brave casting more than a decade ago.

“They just show you the world,” Ayres says. “It’s a sample of the community, what you might see walking down the street. I think the rest of TV could do that.”
I agree with that part about reality TV being a leader. That was one of the things I liked about Big Brother in its early days, that it had a refreshing progressiveness on LGBTI issues, at a time when the rest of the community hadn't fully caught up.


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'Laurina is fake and she's on the dole': Former pal of I'm A Celebrity star Laurina Fleure claims her 'high end' image is all an act

>In an explosive interview with this week's New Idea, Andrew Taza claims the former Bachelor beauty has received Centrelink benefits and sells cheap clothes from China in her online boutique.

>'Her real name is Laurina Fitzgerald and she buys the clothes from China, sewing her own labels into them,' he told the publication.

Take that.


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I have kind of been out in the loop in regards to the ratings for this season. Can anyone fill me in on whether the show has been a success or failure in that department and whether or not it is likely that the show makes a return next year?


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That's a heavy story @pecan
Very sad if what it says about the lion cubs is true.

BUT... I do think it's ungrateful to reject a donation from a celebrity and show who had good intentions.
By all means educate people, but don't condemn them for not knowing things they couldn't possibly know.