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I made a gif of Ryan with his fingers in Tom's asshole! :D


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I think Ryan has No attraction to ANYONE in the house. No platonic or romantic everyone is fair game to him and to be honest, I'm a ass man myself. It doesn't matter what the ass is attached per gender, I appreciate a nice ass! *goes to smack people's butt"


I just commented on the DS thread that perhaps there is a perfectly sensible explanation for Ryan digging up to his elbow in Tom's a-hole.
A perfectly sensible explanation is that Ryan wanted to squeeze Tom's butt.


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This was a second after Ryan lifted his hand up from Tom's bum....

Anything in the look Ry is giving ??? lolz

And just after Ryan gives Tom this look, Tom then sort of gives Ryan a sideways hip bump. They're standing a lot closer to each other than they are to the guys on their other sides.

With Cat and Lawson gone, Aisha and Travis split up and Skye and Leo feeling frosty, maybe the BB house is in need of a new couple!


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Knowing it was coming, I had to record this moment with my phone off my tv (I couldn't wait to acquire it elsewhere). A testament to the iPhone 6s new camera. :laugh::snaphappy:


This is like getting a whole extra season of BB. I'm watching it again, starting with when the neighbours went to the BB house for breakfast.

I had assumed the idiot position that everyone is straight heterosexual unless otherwise stated (with the possible exception of Skye). This changes everything, eg:
  • Jason's attraction to Ryan
  • David never having been in a relationship and his eye-poppingly alien view of women
  • Ryan and David's lack of interest in boobs etc.

I'm convinced that Ryan just wants some ass and Tom just so happen to have a cuter butt than Skye.
Nobody has a cuter butt than Skye.


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Extremely annoyed at no streaming etc.... I would have loved to see the shower scenes with mass multiple soap dropping & the bedroom sleepies under the cover wandering hands turn into uncontrollable finger banging....