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I’m A Celeb 2021 - Episode Discussion

Mr Stickyfingers

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...its been quite a boring show tonight but thank god for all of you guys and gals for making it fun anyway!... thanks and good night peoples... cheers.


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Do kinda like this Warren Wombat random name selection system, it’s always a different person doing a challenge, rather than one person being constantly voted in like with the Laurina scenario.

Tomorrow’s tucker trial seems a bit too rough though with them having to dive straight into an icy pool of water.


It was another very long episode, or seemed so.

I still don't understand why Alli Simpson is there. So she's the sister of someone semi-famous (to be generous), but doesn't actually do anything herself other than social media?

The gross eating trials don't bother me. It's just visuals. If I could smell it I'd be out of there but watching it on tv is Someone Else's Problem.

Why is Colin 'proud' pf Abbie?


Yeah, Nah.
I also don't understand Alli. Maybe she's relevant in LA, certainly not here.

I know these 'celebs' always cop a lot of shit for not actually always being famous, but you can't deny that at the very least they are/were relevant at one point in some capacity - they're just not relevant to everyone. But Alli? Nup.