Episode I’m A Celeb 2021 - Episode Discussion


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Well it ha been lovely spending time with the sweetest group ever in the show
And all of you good people

See you for whatever you come here for next
TAR, Mini golf etc.....not 9

When does Ultimate Tag start? I will switch from 9 when that starts 😂
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This finale has crap written all.over it I hate to say! ... and I can't fast foreward the ads as I'm Watching live😞
What’s what the studio audience? Really sucks cos they are all on the spot in front of lots of people making noise. Not liking this so far (watching recording, just commenting live here)

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Just goes to show that if you have enough dickheads following you on social media in the modern day, you can win a reality show without the need for any of your followers to watch the entirety of the show.
It may have happened sans social media. Think of Abbie’s story arc. Low entrance to in the end taking on a snake biting her, doing so well in memory challenge etc, constantly being center of attention and she was very integral overall to the vibe. A chick who was underestimated SHONE. And everyone loved her!
I think we got a similar result in BB 2020.
She’s *not* a bad winner, I think she totally deserves every vote she got in the end!
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Yeah, Nah.
So I missed this last night as I had a birthday event that went a little longer and rowdier than expected haha. I started to watch the recording last night, but fell asleep after Colin & Toni’s elimination (says a lot about the lacklustre finale haha).

Watched the rest this morning and completely Shcoked Abby won. Grant looked shocked too. I think a final 7 definitely helped Abby to win. Top 3, she wouldn’t have won.

Thanks for a great season! I loved chatting along with you all each night. Now, what show is next for us haha.


Never again
What if Grant deliberately lost so that he'd continue to be seen as Australia's lovable underdog? Like what if he thought to himself "If I win I'm a celeb my ego will be out of control. I can't have that! I'm Grant 'Lovable underdog' Denyer!"

So he gets his team to vote for Abbie so he can come in second: the perfect underdog position.


Well I enjoyed the bit of fluff last night

And I rarely like who wins, ABBIE is fine by me
We have had several total dickheads win this thing, so I am not all that attached to who is going to win/or does
Only like 2 winners
2nd series was the worst
And thankfully Freddie saved us from footy thugs
And OMG forgot stupid yvie managed a 2nd place, yuck