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...with The Bachelor now I have no invested interest in it whatsoever... it's a place just to post 'Live' nowadays and guess what?... it's easier to tolerate because I have no interest in it anymore... perhaps I should adopt this attitude each time I get too angry or embroiled in any show in the future?... lol!... it so less 'stressful'... my Doctors have told me not to stress out too much with stuff because of my past two strokes so perhaps I'm onto something there lol!... cheers.


But, at least with the Bach......they get rid of the shits.....Block is wall to wall unbearable arseholes, and that is just the 9 staff
I find that once you stop trying to like the couples and just treat it as a soap opera drama, it's easier just to watch how ridiculous these people and their arguments are. Someone threatens to walk out every few episodes.
Scott Cam is unbearable to watch, though.


Dopey girls think Russell Coight is real, and haven't heard of Kath & Kim, never mind The Comedy Company.

I do wonder if they overplay the stupidity, all of them.
Several of them are rather clever, somebody told me Fay is a lawyer; the Mum with 2 teenage girls is a an executive with Qantas

I think like me, they turn into TV zombies......for most evening viewing, my brain has turned to mush......and that is RTVs purpose, relaxed brain.
The more rubbish TV is the better straight after stressed work or study......when at uni I became addicted to Neighbours/Home & Away.
And, it was hilarious after our rather long winter semester break, the library TVs were all in demand for Days of Our Lives
Silly TV is a magic de-stresser.

My poor brain craves something better these days, so I watch a lot of documentaries also


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Never mind, there was. It was on Bravo. Maybe that's why nobody saw it.

Good grief, they made them watch eight episodes from five different versions of Real Housewives in Season 4. I wonder how funny me throwing a brick at the TV would be.

Although I might track down S04E10. I want to see their reactions to Naked and Afraid.