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The ulitmate instrument.
I still have one i built out of tandy products. If anyone remembers tandy electronics.

Awesome mate! I used to love going to Tandy Electronics when I was younger. I bought my first soldering iron from Tandy Electronics back around 1995 and it still works and I use it to this day! I also bought my first multimeter from Tandy back around 1996 which also still works and I sometimes use it. I also bought a Power/SWR meter for use with CB and 2 way radio equipment from Tandy back in those days also which also still works!

When I was first introduced to Electronics back in high school I became hooked on Electronics and loved messing around and tinkering with all things Electronics since then. I started as an apprentice Electronics technician back in 1996 and have loved working in this field ever since.

When I was younger in the mid to late 90's I used to always frequent all the local stores like Tandy, Dick Smith and Jaycar and any other hobby electronic component stores. There used to also be another old shop back in those days called "Rod Irving Electronics", but I think they were more into computer equipment than electronics.

You bring back some great memories there Fuzz, I have also built quite a few electronics kits throughout my younger years it's a great hobby. It's funny how I also got into CB radio's back in the early 90's from a mate who brought his CB radio into the electronics class at high school as he wanted the teacher to assist him with something on it. Anyway we ended up running some coaxial cable out the classroom window and up the side of the school wall and we ended up talking to people that were around 2 suburbs away. I thought that was just awesome and then I also bought a CB radio and set one up at home back in the early 90's and a few of us school mates used to talk on the CB after school it was great fun. Yes the good old days before mobile phones and the internet took over. We used to communicate for free with CB radio! haha! Of course that was the good old AM and SSB model CB radio's. Those things just boom out the power unlike the UHF CB's which is the most used models now which need a really high antenna and also a repeater to get the signal further. I remember back in the day I had a UHF CB but for some reason I always preferred and used the AM/SSB radio. It just used to boom out and I could basically talk to anyone around the local Melbourne area with the AM radio. Oh those were the days!

Cheers mate! :)


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Merry christmas to the good stoic folk of BBB.
Thank you for your contributions, interesting readings, and a general prevailing sense of good will and harmony.


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Hey Fuzz. On Hard Quiz tonight (a repeat from 2019 apparently), Waleed competed with Batman as his specialist subject.


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He is but a man.....
Poisened by fear toxin.
Absorbing the fear. A man. A human.
Sheer mental strength.

The vulnerabilty demonstrates this.

Other superhroes are all fictious fancinful trash.
Batman is real.
I know. He lives inside of me.
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