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Absolutely brilliant.
The voice acting. The music. The adaption from just a fan.
The most mind-fucked batman story ever. One of my faves if not my fave. Grant Morrison is a genius. Batman RIP is poet laureate stuff.
Simple imagination by this fan. There are faults. Budget repressions. But the passion to put this together. Its so nascent.
And this simple bloke(albeit seemingly with acsess to seriously impressive voice actors in the trade putting this together with no budget.)....
He envokes real pathos.
Im blown away.
Its not perfect. But the imperfectness makes it such a tribute to the opposite. The passion in this project is undeniable.
Take the time my dear friends and dip your toes in this.
Have a lazy hour or two to spare? And be swept away to allay boredom?
Why not?

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If some, or any partake, feel free to ask me questions.
Its an absolute exploration of ones mind under attack.
And maybe confusing to some without backdrop.
But the story stands on its feet.
I am always happy to fill in gaps.
Cos. I like doing that.
Its what I do.


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I ought to practice what I preach
These days I go downtown in my tie and tails
I got a fetus on a leash
I am alone now, I am beyond recriminations
Curtains are shut, the furniture is gone
I'm transforming, I'm vibrating, I'm glowing
I'm flying, look at me now
I'm flying, look at me now
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