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Formerly known as desertsands
The song was not just bad, it was also STUPID.....here is a pretty 17 year old, who is having the time of his life right now....
and he is singing about having a crap love life, WTF.....he's been hurt...WTF when has he had time to even get laid, he looks like a virgin singing the blues, dumb as

Oh and he looked like a little black duck, his feet were waddling across that stage,very flat footed & weird staging.

So apparently there were a few rejections before him, ie nobody wanted to do it straight after Dami being so awesome.

Who's next???
The guy that won xfactor is good, Natalie from x factor doing a techie/disco upbeat number.
And that’s what I was talking about on the other thread. Who should write the song?


Jess is co-writing with I don't know who, she has done some good upbeat stuff before
Girl can move, sings like an angel and looks great, should do well