Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)


Travis and Aisha look so in love, I hope it works out for them.
Corny as it sounds, winning true love is better than winning money.
Of course, winning both is even better. Oh well.
really.? It seems like he doesn't care that much about her. Once he is out, he will lose no time chasing other tail. Sad as Aisha is a great girl...
What's the bet we're not gonna hear a thing about if it's renewed or not until like June or July next year, am I right?
Sonia will say something at the end, most likely "we are looking for potential housemates for next year" but we won't get serious confirmation until that time.


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Sonia, if there were truly "hundreds of thousands" of votes like you said before, then a few % points is thousands of votes. Which isn't that close I don't think