Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)


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Skye has to win. She has made us love her, hate her, etc. She has good sides and bad sides. She's been entertaining.

Ryan is just invisible and boring. He doesn't even seem to care that he is in Big Brother. He acts too cool for anything which is stupid.
Travis is a joke. A bogan; him winning would be awful for this country.

Paddy Lock

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Ryan preferably, Travis if not, but if an insecure, lookatme, self-obsessed, inconsiderate bimbo whose favourite thing in the world is makeup is Australian BB watchers favourite HM then the show needs to be cancelled and picked up by SBS, desperately.


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I'm reluctantly going for Skye, only because I don't want someone who can't even imitate a frozen chicken (I can't even begin to imagine how bad he would be at imitating a live chicken!) to win, nor do I want a meathead bogan man-child to win. In an ideal world though none of them would win, with Sonia announcing that everyone lost, just as we viewers lost a good season of Big Brother this year. It'd be rather fitting.


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I don't want Skye to win because she thinks she will win. Love to see her face when she is third or runner up.

But then I'm not keen on the boys winning either.

Tbh I'm not even excited for this Finale! !