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Episode Day 78 (24/11/14) Final daily show (feat. Secrets and Betrayal)


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Final daily show :-(

Spoilers for the next three days:

With only three shows remaining the light is at the end of the tunnel for the six Housemates left in the Big Brother House.

However, Big Brother has one more trick up his sleeve. He will evict three Housemates from the Big Brother House in the lead-up to finale night.

In the final hours of Big Brother there will be only three Housemates left to woo the Australian public for the chance to win the crown and the $200,000 prizemoney. Will it be Lina the soulful pot-stirrer? The strong-in-every-way Penny? Under-the-radar Ryan? Gold Coast babe Skye? Travis, the everyday bloke? Or psychoanalyst Priya?

Monday, 8.30pm on Channel Nine: Things turn red hot in the House as Big Brother plays back to the Housemates their biggest secrets. The fallout from the revelations of each Housemate is massive.

Tuesday, 8.40pm on Channel Nine: In Big Brother’s biggest eviction this year, three Housemates will lose their spot in the finale and their chance at winning $200,000. Intruders Penny and Lina, along with original Housemates Priya, Ryan, Travis and Skye, will battle it out for a place in the final 24 hours of Big Brother 2014.

Wednesday, 8.30pm on Channel Nine: After 81 days in the Big Brother House, away from friends, family, technology, news, books, pens and their lives as they knew them, three Housemates will wait with bated breath for the chance to land the Big Brother Winner’s crown and $200,000. Australia will have the final say on who will be the last man or woman standing behind the walls of the Big Brother House.

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Pretty telling that even their descriptions of HMs are leading. And I'm not saying that as a Priya fan as hers is ok... a couple of the others though. "Under the radar Ryan", "strong in every way Penny", "soulful pot stirrer Lina". WTF?


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From the one they released after it looks like it dissipated quickly. And apparently Travis is cheesed off at Lina too. If we see any of this I'll be shocked! But yes Team Priya FTW!!!
Arguments in that house always dissipate quickly, the Priya and David argument for example, Priya was on the verge of tears then the next minute they hugged it out.