Episode Day 67 (13/11/14) Daily show


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Tonight on Big Brother, Skye is rattled after last night’s eviction, friends and family nominate, and there’s a deluxe dinner to be won.

Skye is visibly upset after last night’s eviction. After hearing Richard’s parting message, “Skye is causing the most disharmony in the House for not contributing,” Travis teases Skye, which doesn’t go down too well. She is also worried that Australia thinks she’s over-confident.

Friends and family nominate this week, so each Housemate can hear exactly who is being nominated and most importantly why.

Big Brother hands down a challenge. In order to win a deluxe family dinner the Housemates must build a human pyramid – and win they did!

The Remote Control task is over. Big Brother concedes, and much to the delight of the Housemates he tells them they had some hairy moments, but nevertheless they have won this week’s challenge.

Ryan confirms that the gender divide continues, particularly now there are four boys and four girls left in the House.


Prisus for the winner of Big Brother 2014!
My current housemate rankings;

1, Priya
2, Penny
3, Skye

4, Travis
5, Leo
6, Lina

7, Ryan
8, David
Mine would be the same but Lina swaps with Skye[DOUBLEPOST=1415857184][/DOUBLEPOST]How does Tim get the information before it airs? I have always been curious.
I think this could be good for Skye! If she realizes and looks more humble, then people will be back to loving her!

Got to give the girl props! I think she is the only housemate to feature in every episode this year! Love her or hate her! She is the centerfold to this show!

Anyways Im hoping, Ryan,David,Leo and Lina are nominated!


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Let's take a moment in remembrance for the fallen BBB members who were banned for being chronic pains in the arse and are now forced to stand outside and watch the fun and hilarity rather than participate.

Looking forward to a night of laughter, friendship and just a sprinkle of smut.