Episode Day 57 (3/11/14) Eviction

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Can I please take this opportunity to thank Sonia Kruger for delivering the hard hitting questions.
I know she cops a lot of flack around here, but I feel like she's finally starting to get a rhythm in the hosting position, and she's beginning to get more comfortable.
Too little too late tho.


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Not saying that they would've made it, but if CatDog were the final two, what message are they being sent from the viewers? Regardless of where you stand on the cheating, I hope they both learn from this experience. If they made it to the end, it just gives them the validation.

It's the same reason why I'm glad Drew didn't make it any further last year.


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So What was the order of saves guys? Was it highest to lowest (top 4)?? What were the housemates told

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what they didnt even show leo coming back into the house? pathetic
Yeh WTF. One of the most important bits of footage. They have a whole website for updates, but nothing there. Can't stand these idiots who put this train wreck together this year.


Just watching the last of it. Lawson interviews well in every situation.


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Just got home. I was a little surprised at Lawson going, to be honest. Not that he had much of a fanbase, so it should have been obvious, but I was still thinking in terms of Priya being in danger. Happy enough to lose Lawson, and we should get some plot development out of this through Cat's reaction and/or departure tomorrow night.

Now to catch up on this thread.


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I thought Lawson handled himself awesome tonight... he knows he is going to cop it and he answered pretty well. By the sounds of it his relationship before the start of the show was in dire straits anyway so she is probably jumping at the chance for some fresh meat. We don't know all the story so some of the keyboard warriors on here are just pathetic. Ryan reminds me of Josh from 2012. Such a chilled and genuinely nice bloke on screen and he just keeps warming to me more and more. Hopefully he doesn't fall for that stupid bitch Skye and he will go all the way I think. Also how great is it to see Travis in the bottom 4.