Episode Day 22 (29/30/2014) Live: Surprise Eviction


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Am I the only one who's not shocked that Cat got the most saves. I knew she'd get the sympathy vote cause people felt sorry for her in that fight with the girls. And plus, she's the "nice girl" and not intimidating.

I was not surprised either. She was getting so much love on Facebook this week.

And I'm not surprised at how close the vote is either.


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Sonia reminds me of an annoying twelve year old cousin that tells the most awkward jokes and attempts to relate to the cool kids.


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Wow drunk Mikey presenting a meat tray. Plus a voucher. Remember when good prizes? Thanks for your time Dion.


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There is no way we gonna let Cat get through more evictions. I'm so pissed that she got 30%. WTF


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Well I didn't think cat would still be in there
did Dion get a prize?

as I missed the end of it.


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A few reasons why people are voting for Cat
- She's very relatable to women (I've been told)
- She's been divorced
- She's the eldest of the group, 31
- She's not a bitch.
- She comes across as genuine.
- She's not a boring gym junkie

Relatable to women - A slag trying to crack onto a guy in a relationship and feels no remorse - yeah rite
Not a bitch - She threw Skye under the bus with Katie, She's feeding Sandra's infatuation with Sam to justify her own sleazy behaviour in the hope of getting a storyline
Genuine - Fake cries to avoid confrontation


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Well, yeah. That's what showing us the alledged percentages was about. The fact that they're BS doesn't matter. No way Cat most saves. Travis, I could see (due to stupid tweenies) and possibly Katie for the same reason, but Cat? Plus the percentages of the rest being so close?
Don't try and play us who like this show, it just proves you don't give a shit.
Sorry I wasn't meaning to offend anyone I just was shocked at the percentages, and yes I do like the show.