Dancing with the Stars Australia


I can imagine some older conservative straight people not feeling comfortable with Courtney though. I can't think of any other reason why she would be in the bottom two.


Sam and Constance possibly have the biggest fan bases, Constance has lots of blog fans, Sam has a huge charity voting for him
Courtney is wonderful but may not have a big local fanbase???
Jett has gained a fan base being godlike in appearance and has sporty fans


Yeah. I like Jett as a person and of course he's amazing looking, but on a dancing competition I find it disappointing that people aren't judging the dancing. The experts know he's wooden. Sam and Constance have earned their places there.


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I can't help but think that there's a slight homophobic element coming into play with the public votes.
It seems like a certain section of the audience at home are not ready to praise three men dancing together as something about it makes them uncomfortable. So instead they give a safe vote to the nice young sports star who can't dance dancing with two girls.
I am by no means that but don't like Courtney.

Not much because of Courtney because of how they are portrayed on the show. Dances always have a story behind it and the show pushes it too far. Judges think Courtney is the best when that is not the case. Not a fan of Sam either to be honest.
I was in the audience of last nights show, it was actually really interesting to see it live. You don’t realise just how many people work on the show. Even so when the dances are happening there’s about 5 camera men chasing them at all angles as well as the producers. And the dances by the professional dancers and the part where grant and Amanda actually open the show was all pre recorded. Only disappointing thing I found out was that every line from the hosts is scripted and read from an auto cue. But god the stage is small and all the contestants are much smaller and thinner than they look on TV. Me as my family also go to meet Shane/Courtney, I didn’t get to meet Jett but seeing him shirtless upclose was good enough.