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Grant won't be hosting tonight...
Dancing with the Stars will be without Grant Denyer tonight following an injury to his back.

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight,“Grant Denyer has suffered a bulging disc in his back that has forced him to leave the dance floor. He is on bed rest for the next few days and will be back fighting fit next week.”

Denyer was absent this morning on the 2DayFM breakfast show with Ed Kavalee and Ash London.

His manager sent an SMS to the team to indicate his injury resulted from swinging a sledgehammer on his farm. After spending the night in hospital he is now at home recovering.
Full article: https://tvtonight.com.au/2019/03/injury-forces-grant-denyer-off-the-dance-floor.html


Ratings for this dropped by around 10% in comparison to last week. Would say that Olympia's elimination probably had something to do with it.
And now Michelle has gone too, it's in danger of becoming a joke.
The only contestants left now who are actually good are Courtney and Jimmy Rees.
Samuel Johnson is a nice person and stirs emotions in people, but I think he's a bit awkward and not a great dancer.


Yeah..........just caught up and thankful Bridges is gone, somebody should tell her to wear less aggressive make-up. she looks mean and predatory.
Now please release us from the pain of watching daddy long legs stumble around, he isn't even loveable or funny

Sam - ah Sam, he forgets the steps but he has grace, he is a graceful man rather a rare species

Jimmy does nil for me, and is an average dancer

I love Constance, Courtney and Sam