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Well it certainly has the tweenies panting for more on facebook, and quite a few are saying they should just get together. WTF. Did Drully dumb our moral compasses down?
It's probably just okay because he's more likable and can't be a filthy cheating whore because he's a guy.

But I agree it looks like he might be letting her down easy. I hope so. Although admitting to the mutual feelings at all might not the best choice.


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Can't help but think the snippet is edited to hook us in thinking oooohhhhhkay and we are just gonna leave going ahhhhhhhkay.

On the BB website it says that 'Cat's cards are on the table, but is Lawson picking up what she's putting down?' I smell trickery with the vid clips.


What in the actual fuck is that? What is Cat playing at!?

Lawson seems like the type to not act on those "feelings" if he was attached. But Cat could make him look bad and bring him down, she's definitely up to something.
This will be Lawson's biggest test. I'm also confused about Cat's motivations, but I don't think she wants to make Lawson look bad on purpose.


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Both Sandra and Cat are repulsive, have some damn respect for other people. These men have partners outside the house and you both know that! So selfish and desperate, it was enough last week with Sandra's turn as Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, this week it looks like Cat's got the bunny boiling...

And I feel the same if it were guys, Sam and Lawson need to set clear boundaries. Or else they will shoot down any chance of winning.


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You can kind of understand Sandra taking Sam's touchy feely stuff maybe as something more. I think that was stepping the boundaries of friendship. There is friendship, there is flirtation, and then there is too far.

Lawson doesn't seem to have been leading Cat on, at least nothing that we've been shown. Yet. You'd hardly consider sitting up all night with someone as crossing the line, but i guess a lot can happen in an entire night, with no one else's presence.