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Celebrity BBUK 2024: Launches 4 March

My engagement with the season is wavering. There have been some fun moments but the pacing feels off. CBB has always been a much more rapid show but the ITV iteration also has tasks every way, leaving little breathing room for things to just happen.

Plus not enough conflict in the house yet. And the huge emphasis on Sharon has been a bit whelming. Let's face it, she didn't do a whole lot.
I'm in the same boat. I thought it might have been because I don't know these "celebrities" let alone their names yet but they aren't showing enough character building moments. Sharon, despite having no real stake in the game, wielded excessive influence and dominated the airtime.

In the latest episode, there was at least a hint of manufactured drama orchestrated by BB, but as of now, I'm struggling to find a favourite housemate to win.
I only just found out Colson is only 25. I thought he much older than that. By like 10 years.
I've been catching up an episode or two behind for the past week or so but Now I've finished the Finale. Haha.

I was thinking Louis or David to win and was good to see David win he has been really entertaining all through. I loled at that bit in the make yourself cry bit of in the fairytale task he's trying all the things in the box trying to rip off the wax strip.

The Police task was good, and the team singing on the talent show task. St. Pats day secret task with Fern seemed a little contrived with the ultimate outcome of Louis just getting noms immunity, but was interesting. I could see the last Rendevous bit with whoever was last coming but at least Bradley got a bit of a return to the house to farewell before getting evicted. Lauren coming back for the courtroom task was fun.

I also thought Nikita was a bit overly cautious about stepping on toes in a few moments there, The bits with Levi & Zeze, and then misunderstanding Fern later one ending up making a bigger deal out nothing being two examples, but they ended up clearing everything up.

Ekin-Su made a bit of a mess with how she wants to get away from the Love Island image and connotations, by also gettting upset with Marisha for playing strategically, still maybe a bold move to play strategically when its face to face noms. They also seemed to make up.

I quite enjoyed many of Louis and Sharon's little asides and stories, Louis said he wasn't gonna do a book, but it would be a good read I think. I'm not sure if I remember hearing about whatever that bathroom stoush was about with Cheryl Cole.

Anyways it was a fun season. Might go to look up a bit of Ibiza Weekender later Haha.
I posted last year that thank god they'd put Celeb BB on ITV1 because if it was on ITV2 they'd have celebs of the calibre of David Potts, who seemed to end up on any "celeb" show on ITV2. He ruined the Weekender franchise for me - when he was bought in in series 3 (I think) I thought for sure he wouldn't be invited back for a fourth - but think he pretty much remained there until they finished it years later, though I'd long given watching by then.

Fair play he won it and those who actually watched the show this time seem to hardly have a bad word to say about him. I've only really seen the clip of Bradley's eviction this week, which I thought was done rather well and received warmly by Bradley (rather than being "cruel" or "evil" as some have made out), but all I saw in that moment was David making it all about him and gasping unnecessary expressions of shock rather than letting Bradley have his moment.

Perhaps if I'd stuck with the show beyond the launch night my view on him might have changed, but ultimately I think the show would have been much better off dropping it's two unnecessary castings from the world of D-list reality TV and having 10 rather than 12 housemates - so many of the problems of the revival come from having too many housemates for too short a series.
Brekkie who was the other unnecessary casting?

I ended up liking David. But I really really wanted Bradley to win.

I actually thought Fern was being passive aggressive with Nikita. In her soft whispery voice "it's ok it's ok" hmmm nope if it is ok why bring up the stripy jumper comment says afterwards like that.
I found a decent way to watch BBUK outside of using VB. The UK Turks Kodi addon has both ITV series available. No idea how reliable it is while the show is airing though.
The house and outdoor set has now been designed and completely stripped out. The show will remain at Garden Studios and likely on the same sound stage. I believe whilst the US set remains standing the Canadian house is rebuilt each year.

A little surprising, but also a good thing. They're not as likely to just redecorate the existing house and keep the same layout for the next civilian series. Unless the plan is to reassemble the exact same thing and they're just putting it into storage...

Hopefully the "Late and Live" set made its way into the bin though.
I doubt they'd be any major layout changes this year (C5 pretty much had a two year cycle on their layouts) but if they could rework the bedroom/bathroom and diary room area that would be good. Think the main living area is fine really.