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Big Brother's best/worst cast season

2014 and 2007 stand out as having the blandest housemates under the old format. Though 2020 and 2021 had a huge amount of dud housemates too.
I was scrolling through BBAU's greatest moments thread and clicking on the odd video ... I can't remember most of the HM's except for the exceptional ones.. The earlier BB's look like a Neighbours episode from the 80's :cool:

I was almost inspired by @Zcsund1234 thread BBAU rewatch - to go back and watch them again, then, after viewing the odd vid on the above thread, mmmm, nah - I'd rather watch a movie or binge some series.. BBAU had some great moments - but overall most of it isn't entertaining enough to rewatch in my opinion..

If there was a series of Mike Goldman on Late Night BB, I'd watch that ... haha, he's such a dag, --- the Wheel of Crap ... :roflmao: