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Big Brother's best/worst cast season



I just wanted to start a thread to get peoples thoughts on what the best/worst cast season of Big Brother Australia was as well as the direction the show should go with casting in 2020 and also peoples thoughts on what would make a bad cast.


My opinion would be that 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2014 had the best casting. Despite the 2008 and 2014 season doing poorly, the casting was actually really good, and the issue was more so to do with what was going on behind the scenes.
I think in these seasons, the casting was very diverse and somewhat represented australia. Most of the housemates in these seasons were intelligent (mainly 2003/8), entertaining and they could hold interesting conversations. They also mixed really well and the relationships that formed were interesting.
IMO the casting in the years 2001, 2002, 2012, the people were too similar, and the casting was basically white washed. I didnt like the direction the show took from 2004-2007 being "hot, sexy, singles". IMO these housemates were not very interesting and all we saw of them was flirting and making jokes/having too much fun. No-one seemed as though they had depth or substance, apart from a few such as (Tim, Vesna, Dave).
In saying that... I do feel as though Australia is yet to see a season of Big Brother which accurately represents Australia and the true diversity we have here. I want a casting like TARA. I feel like past seasons have been polarizing, unrelateable and only representing a very small portion of Australia. I want interesting characters who can hold interesting conversation.. people with depth, substance. I want big characters who are going to make good TV, and also lots of light-hearted moments/not too serious.


2003 casting was great, except for the odd housemate, but they were generally evicted early.

2005 cast had some great housemates (Tim B, Vesna), but quite often it became too much of a boys club thing.

2007 cast was half boring half interesting. Once Emma left the show wasn't quite the same.

2008 was probably one of the more combative casts ever. I seem to remember them having arguments nearly every night. Unsurprising considering it had the combative Bianca and professional troll Nobbi in the house (or rather kombi).

2012- Apart from Estelle it really was an awful cast. Too cliquey for my tastes.

2013- Became too much of the tim dormer show.

2014- There was potential in the cast, but a lack of live feeds made this a missed oppurtunity.


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I feel like past seasons have been polarizing, unrelateable and only representing a very small portion of Australia.
...and yet you include 2008 in your top four. Terri was cast to be polarizing and when she got voted out by HMs in Day 1, frustrated producers put her back in. That is reason alone that that season was terrible. Not least because she bizarrely went on to win it.

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I really enjoyed how diverse 2008's cast was, it was the first time in a long time Ten had taken a huge risk with who they put on TV and it's sad that it didn't really pay off for them. I think they tried to capture the essence of BBUK6's casting choices but kept it ever so slightly more PC to appease their dwindling advertisers. They totally tried to make their own Nikki Grahame with Brigette and it backfired so bad because she had no sense of humour or self awareness under the bratty act.