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...doesn't this speak volumes from how they have well and truly stuffed up this series with all of those Intruders and 'house guests'?... all those stupid Timebomb twists and turns and constant rehashing of the same old same old tasks etc?... perhaps the public are sick and tired of constant arguments and hatred and ill will that happens all of the time now?... perhaps the public want to see Big Brother go back to it's origins and be what it started out as... a social experiment with a bunch of complete strangers thrown into the house and left alone with no contact from the outside world whatsoever to see how they cope with it naturally... to see social interaction at work as it really is and not a product of manipulation from producers looking for sensationalism?... no more attempts at fake storylines or manufactured inferences at 'romances' etc?... no more 'what if' scenarios etc?...

...colour me silly but could the public be doing this to teach the producers of the show a lesson?... would they have possibly not bothered to ring up and vote at all being that they had no choice on who to evict naturally?... (except the second last week perhaps?)... by not bothering to ring did they cause loss of revenue for them thereby causing them to allegedly 'go broke' and way over budget?... could the public finally be saying to the producers... NO MORE BASTARDISATION OF BIG BROTHER?????... just saying... anyhow no more of my phsyco-babble... here is the article from this website below... cheers.



Big Brother 2015 was the least watched series EVER with lowest viewing figures to date

Posted July 19, 2015 12:53 by Josh Darvill


This year's Big Brother has become the lowest rated series to date with viewing figures down to just over a million viewers.

On average, 1.13 million viewers have tuned in nightly across the past 66 days up until the final last Thursday night.

It makes BB 2015 the least watched run in the show's history and the third yearly consecutive decline for viewing figures.

The current run was down on average 102,000 viewers on last year and 360,000 on the year before that.

There however have been some highs over the past ten weeks: Numbers hit 1.4 million for the Time Warp twist week involving Helen Wood, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame.

But the show's average was pulled down by its very slow start with numbers having been as low as 640,000 viewers in Week 2.

The controversial four in, four out twist ended up helping ratings in general but only slightly with an average of 100,000 more viewers in the weeks after compared to the shows before.

As for the last final week, the series ended as it began, with a whimper rather than a bang.

An average of 1.13 million tuned in for the last few episodes, a decline on the previous four weeks.

Just 1.3 million tuned in for the final itself as Chloe Wilburn was crowned the winner and took away £116,100 in prize money.


Great post and yes, it would be amazing if they went back to the old tried and tested format. It was what made us fall in love with big brother. *sigh*

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...although I agree with him that there was way too much communication and information from the outside world everything else he said was 'shite' as far as I'm concerned... I hope that I never hear of him or see him again... even as a 'guest housemate' if it's on again next year... he is such a nasty little grub... an evil little weevil... cheers.


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Okay guys... I'm back (a bit late)... I watched the first episode of the 2015 series when it was basically first aired but then just got caught up and didn't stay with it. The past two weeks I binge watched the whole season and boy oh boy was it a great season in my view. Right from day 1 I absolutely loved Joel and I was so proud yet so upset that Joel came second.

I actually laughed a lot more at this season more than last year. So many funny moments where housemates played pranks or big brother did funny tasks.

The Timebomb twist or theme was to me a dud... They didn't really do any Timebomb twists really... But I absolutely LOVED when Helen, Nikki and Brian came in. As much as I hated Helen last year... I actually loved the drama she brought in a love to hate way. But I think they should have stopped at those three and not bring anymore in after that... I could easily and would love to see an all star season next as just those three brought drama!

The 4 in 4 out twist was ummm weird at first I hated it cause it was like so unfair... But I liked it because the ones that left were just bland and it also brought us Marc and Harry oh and Showbiz hahahha.

Sam was definitely my least favourite housemate... She just seemed so fake. I really thought Chloe was boring too... Was not happy that she had won... Glad Danny didn't win either because he was a bit bland too.

Again just loved this season as a whole... Favourite thing was all the drama... I was hooked everytime they fought. Also the funny tasks or things that happened like Nikki under the fish guts (?) lol.

Bring on 2016! Or celeb BB