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Big Brother to air on Seven in 2020?

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I think my favourite music is the 2008 version with the music on its own

But with the live shows, I don't think there is anything that hypes me up more then seeing the Dreamworld claw swinging towards the screen and hearing the live crowd cheering like mad fade in for an eviction. So the 2007 intro is a personal fave

I like 2012 but felt every consecutive year's intro got worse and worse


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I did actually like the 2012 theme, but by 2014 it has started to sound like that problematic "Oriental" midi tune you'd find preset on 90s Casio keyboards.
The difference between the crappy, lifeless (and Casio-sponsored ;)) 2014 theme and what it could have been is some much needed... 'oomph'. I'm no qualified pro audio guy, but if I can do it...

IMO, the main melody in all of Nine's seasons was weak. Have they not heard of musical terms like rests and tuplets before? Imagine an instrumentalist playing just the melody of a Nine season and it would be first grade stuff. 001 Productions / ten era themes had more substance.


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Id like to see them bring back the original theme song for the show. And not a futuristic alien one that channel 9 made.
Agreed. Throw the whole theme away.
2004/07 even the original is the best the franchise has had lol. But what gets me super hype even more is the old 2005-07 runway soundtrack they used when housemates were evicted 🤗


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I made a quick mash between The Circle theme music with BBAU 2004 graphics. Ion care what Ch*️nnel 7 does can they at least rip the Circle theme music it's so good!


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I think it's worth noting on The Circle you only here an extended version of the theme on the credits - other than that it's just short bursts of it - it works brilliantly on the break stings for example. Based on their other shows Seven will have the briefest of title sequences for the show - they'll have time for a 3 minute recap and multiple flashbacks in every episode, but can't spare 20-30 seconds for a proper intro.

Of the three nine series I do think the 2013 version had the best intro with the HMs featured. Big Brother Turkey actually ripped those off, but did it much better with a much better theme IMO.

The best titles though from the Nine era were the ones they didn't use in 2012:
(found by MattsBB a few years ago)

More on that here
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I actually enjoyed the Big Brother 2014 theme with the "This. Is Big Brother" audio track playing during the introduction...

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Knowing the way Seven operate with their reality shows, I don't anticipate them to have full opening titles or using the iconic BBAU tune.
I would imagine they will use a pop song *️shudder*️. Although I could be pleasantly surprised.
I guess I am just safeguarding myself and not getting my hopes up for anything of what we want, because from all accounts of whats being heard its not going the BB we want....

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I would imagine they will use a pop song *️️shudder*️️. Although I could be pleasantly surprised.
I'm hoping because Endemol Shine is behind this, that it won't as much be the case. Usually their reality shows with whatever commercial music Sony throws their way with a 5 second bumper as an intro is synonymous with Seven Productions (MKR, House Rules, Instant Hotel, Seven Year Switch, etc..)

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Something with an instrumental like this would be a perfect BB theme for 2020


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Have done a wrap up of rumours ahead of Seven's upfronts

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