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Big Brother: Let the real(ity) games begin

Big Brother 2012 Launch: Housemates explore bathroom Picture: 9 Ch Source: Supplied

by: Melissa Hoyer, entertainment editor-at-large
From: news.com.au

August 14, 2012 12:00AM

Okay, it's certainly not a shocker, but some of those house-chicks will have to tone their squealing, questionable make-up and high hair-do's down if they plan on lasting for three. Entire. Months.

Game on and the glam, Balmain silver-pants wearing host, Sonia Kruger, bounded onto the stage like the seasoned (ex-pro) dancer she is, but the task of individually introducing each of the 14 housemates started to get a tad tedious.
Ninety minutes in and we'd only gotten to 10 of the current nobodies. Years ago we wouldn't have minded the wait, but not anymore. Now we can put that frustration down to our 'I want it all and I want it now' mentality, one that most avid reality TV viewers share.

Nine's Big Brother launch has all atwitter
The Dreamworld 'house' we saw looks pleasant enough. Plastic-like, but kind of kitschy cute and colourful with the token big pool and garden; a 'Secret Room' and the 'diary room' where the chair is colour-blocked in red and black. So very fashion now.

The first night didn't have me riveted (although the 10-year old son was immersed) with me more irritated the 14 weren't all just lumped in da house together in one swoop. I wanted to find out about these reality wannabes in a bogan Australian Story-style (with apologies to that brilliant series) with their stories being told to each other and not to the assembled audience .

Anyway, I won't bore you with describing each and every house-buddy but to me, the first guy, Michael (a 26-year copywriter) said it all. He (and other house dwellers too) are in danger of becoming too self-conscious of every move they make. At one stage he was actually talking to the cameras (well there was no-one else to at that stage). But let's face it, most have studied this reality game like an Olympic sport. Ultimately, it is a 'game' of strategy. Of sucking up to the right pals; of dissing the wrong ones and so it goes.

They all know too well there are 42 cameras and 108 microphones recording every step and every sound. But the big fuss of difference between this series and others is that each housemate has a big 'secret'. Oooh, like one is the unknown half-sister of the other? Unfortunately, nup. Their secrets are a tad more clichéd: 'I have the IQ of a genius'; 'I have Ornithophobia as a result of an emu attack'; and 'I am a multi-millionaire.' And it's up to each to find out which secret belongs to whom.

Of the intro-ed gang I quite like Sarah the car sales-woman; Layla, a Geordie Shore-kind of girl (Manchester-born actually) who already had that 'I want a bit of action glint' in her eye, which, just may happen with good sort surfer Josh, who seemed to share the same glint.

On the other hand I wasn't fussed with Angie, the sales rep (a bit too girly girl and hair-flicky for my liking) and not yet convinced by country girl, Zoe, a handsome lass who is righter than right and not too fussed about 'boat people.' Reality show rule No.1: Create conflict.

There's Charne (who works at Dracula’s on the Gold Coast and wears more make-up than he ever did); then there's pretty Estelle, a law student who isn't into animal cruelty, racism or homophobia and Bradley, the 'checkout geek' who admits to issues with the opposite sex and his stutter. I really, really liked him and wondered whether he knew he had accidently auditioned for BB and not 7's reality show, Beauty and the Geek.

The other '4' (all male) housemates will be introduced into this TV social experiment this week. There's talk one has a 'vague' attachment to 'royalty'. But then so do most people living in Liechtenstein. So, with The Games over, let the other TV Games begin!

The night's #BBAU TWITTER GOLD . . .
A small cross section of some Big Brother opening like and dislike ...
@debbieschipp : And as the turkey slap dome is safely lowered, #BBAU wraps up its first night
@blahblahellis : I will gladly pay someone in the BB audience to find whoever is doing that scream and gaffa tape their mouth shut.
‏@BorneNaked : Funniest thing I heard all day was shark joke
@GeoffField : Enjoyed it - I like Sonia - it will grow on me !!
@FitToPrint : Why doesn't Sonia Kruger's forehead move? At all?
@SDBrook : Sure social media is going to blow all these secrets open in about, say, five seconds.
@ladyjmo : The House is so grooviii I love it. #BBAU what a start! Jx
@HelenRazer : Michael seems less of a man at this point and more of a luxurious host for lice
@jpbondi : omg the country girl has now picked her nose and feet on national television
@David Campbell73: " No action at all" I love this guy. (Bradley)
@jothornely Michael has the IQ of a genius. And the hair of a ginger Florence Henderson.
@ShellyHorton1: I've given #BBAU 20mins and I'm finding it as offensive as Sonia Kruger's silver space pants. I can't give it 5 days a week - I'm opting out
@carolinemarcus : Think Bradley got lost on the way to the Beauty and the Geek auditions.
@michaelidato : This season of Big Brother does not have many blondes. And yet the collective IQ does not appear to have lifted much ...
@MelTankardReist : Let me guess. They picked Bradley because they respected him so much.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainmen...in/story-fnf1truj-1226449640731#ixzz23RBrUWIJ


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BOGANS, bimbos, awkward alcohol-fuelled conversations and the dulcet tones of Mike Goldman, ahhh Big Brother, I have missed you.

What happened on TV last night?

Siobhan Duck
From:Herald Sun
August 14, 201212:00AM

Layla is "the unemployed bimbo living off daddy". Supplied

So it wasn’t exactly the diverse group of housemates that we were promised when Nine relaunched the BB franchise. No one seemed to be much over 30.

Almost all of them were attractive and slim. And everyone was white.

There was:

Layla, the unemployed bimbo living off daddy.

Josh, a muso with a One Direction haircut who wore his pants way too short.

Zoe, the redneck from the country who hates vegetarians and boat people.

Estelle, a skater girl who was studying to be a humanitarian lawyer and hated racists. (Hmm, I wonder who she might clash with?)

Sarah, a horse-loving, car sales woman with a boyfriend back home. Yawn.

Angie, a blonde who likes being one of the boys and still has stuffed toys on her bed. (Read, she loves boys’ attention).

Charne (or “Va-Va” as she liked to be called), a singer and wannabe Marilyn Monroe who still lived with her mum.

Bradley, a stuttering nerd. (God I hope they know what they’re doing throwing this little guy to the lycra-clad wolves.)

Michael, the funny guy with the hair and the builder’s crack on show.

And Stacey, who thinks she’s funnier than she is.

The seven girls were kept in a pink room for most of the episode, where they got stuck into the champers, shrieked a lot and watched the three lads exploring the house on TV screens.

More:Wendy Tuohy: Go Sonia Kruger, 47 is not too old for baby

While they were there, they were told the boys’ secrets and that they would have to guess who they each belonged to over the course of the week.

Some of the secrets were good - one was a multi-millionaire. (Angie’s eyes lit up at the prospect of a rich, eligible man in the house) and another a “juvenile offender”.

Other secrets, like a guy who’s scared of birds (who isn’t?) were just naff.

Four more guys are yet to arrive (cue the muscle-bound beef cakes people), but their secrets have already been shared with the ladies.

One of these blokes will be the multi-millionaire, apparently.

Sonia Kruger proved herself to be the perfect choice to step into Gretel Killeen’s shoes ( I am choosing to forget the year that Kyle and Jackie O hosted BB).

She looked great, was totally relaxed in the company of a bunch of nervous show-offs and handled the chaos with style.

So far, Nine’s Big Brother doesn’t look, sound or feel all that different to the original, which suits me because I was always a fan of the show.



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Secret's out: reincarnated Big Brother lacks fresh appeal

Date August 14, 2012 - 1:12PM
Natalie Hambly

Entertainment editor, smh.com.au

What's it all about:

Nine has taken on the Big Brother franchise and promised to shake things up. In a bold move it has found a collection of narcissistic half wits who actually think it's a good idea to live in a TV show and locked them away in a house with a fridge full of wine. What could possibly go wrong?

Our view:

Host of Big Brother Sonia Kruger introduces a new housemate Charne.

I am one of the many who was left with egg on their face after tuning in to Big Brother last night expecting Nine to deliver on its promise of a more intelligent show. Maybe it was the upbeat advertisements shown ad nauseam during the Olympics that did it, they provided a welcome respite from Eddie McGuire's commentary and convinced us it was possible Nine could turn a silly show into something that was actually watchable.

Alarm bells started to sound when we saw the host Sonia Kruger standing on the familiar stage in front of a herd of screaming teenagers. We met the first few housemates, yes they were all young and white and weren't immediately coming across as the thoughtful and engaged citizens we were hoping for, but we held on. But as the parlour room started to fill up with a giggle of women sporting large hair and low-cut party frocks it started to feel like the horror that is ladies day at the races.

We have the country girl who wears a Stetson, votes conservatively and doesn't agree with boat people – whatever that means. There was the young woman dressed up as a fifties cliché who claims she's an individual, plus the Avril-wannabe skater chick who spends her days studying law – so original! As for the men, cue the surfer boy, the geek and the comic relief. Once we found out one of the women has never found true love and one of the boys has never been kissed it was hard to ignore the uncomfortable feeling that we had been fooled into watching a show clearly aimed at teenagers.

As for the new house and the secrets – the house looks exactly the same except the pool has a wet bar and the interior design of the retro kitchen was more headache-inducing than Kruger's silver pants; the angle of the housemates holding secrets fell flat as soon as we realised the women were meant to be excited that one of the guys is a millionaire - I could practically hear the collective groan on Twitter.

Even after all of this there was still a chance that Nine could save the day by announcing an update on the format of the program, say for instance, bringing it into the 21st century and offering a live stream on the internet, which frankly is the least it could have done. But....no, when I checked the Big Brother website late last night it wasn't even updated to show the housemate profiles.

I hate to say it but we were sold a turkey, and that my friends is a real slap in the face.

In a sentence: Nine's reincarnated Big Brother is a symbol of all that is wrong with Australian television – it's unoriginal, uninspiring and locked into a glory days mindset.

Best bit: Kruger's trousers, it's like a little bit of the Mars Rover came to the Gold Coast and is the only futuristic element of the show.

Worst bit: When it's as mind-numbingly dull as this you are left feeling uncomfortably and awkwardly voyeuristic.

Next episode: Tonight, and tomorrow night, and the night after that, and so on. Just don't expect to watch it live online because that would actually make it interesting.

Worth watching again: I, for one, just can't wait to find out what the other contestants will bring to the group, what their secrets are and how they will all get along. Actually, no, I really couldn't care less. Do us all a favour and don't watch this.

Grade: Zzzzzzzzzzz

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/ent...resh-appeal-20120814-245on.html#ixzz23UNMQubQ


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Sort of a media story

TV Tonight Poll

What did you think of Big Brother?

Won't ever watch it. (24%)

Loved it! Can't wait to watch how it all unfolds. (18%)

Enjoyed it. Will check it out some more. (15%)

Didn't watch it. (15%)

It was OK. Kinda what I expected. (14%)

Not much. Boring housemates. (8%)

Disappointed. Nine fails a TEN success story. (6%)


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Two advertising execs enter Big Brother house

Two ad agency executives feature in the new series of Big Brother, which debuted on Nine last night.

Michael Beveridge, a junior copywriter at Brisbane agency The Hoopla Family, joins contestants that include a computer geek, rock singer and check-out guy.

Another agency exec is Stacey Wren, a 24-year old account manager at Frost Design in Sydney.

Frost’s general manager Rion Shelley told Mumbrella that the agency had toyed with the idea of Wren wearing Frost-branding t-shirts while on the show, but the contestant had vetoed the idea.

“We did seriously think about Stacey wearing a different Frost-branded t-shirt every day, but thought better of using the show for shameless self-promotion,” Shelley said. “We also discussed that conversations in the Big Brother house about work are probably best kept to a minimum.”

“Stacey has our full support, and we’re delighted she’s on the show. We will miss her in the studio, but her job is covered for 6-8 weeks, assuming she goes the distance and wins.”

The show is to be hosted by Sonia Kruger on week nights at 7pm, with live nominations on Mondays at 7.30pm, live evictions on Sundays from 26 August and Big Brother Confidential from August 22.

The difference with this season’s reality show is that every housemate has a secret – someone is a multi-millionaire, someone is a juvenile offender and another has a very high IQ. The housemates have been tasked to find out which trait belongs to whom.




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A multi-millionaire joins BB housemates
by: By Darren Cartwright
From: AAP
August 15, 2012 12:13AM

Big Brother 2012 housemate George from WA. Picture: Channel 9 Source: Supplied

A MINING electrician and a male model who admits to spending too much time looking at himself in the mirror are the latest housemates on the Nine Network's reincarnated reality series Big Brother.

West Australian George, 25, and 21-year-old Victorian Ryan, who works in retail sales as well as being a model, entered the Big Brother compound at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast during Tuesday night's live show.

The final two contestants will enter the compound on Wednesday night to make a total of 14 housemates for the 12-week series being hosted by Sonia Kruger.
George, who is of Greek descent, comes from the remote WA mining town of Newman, while Ryan hails from Melbourne.
One of the twists of this season's Big Brother is that each of the male housemates has a secret.

It was revealed on Tuesday night's show that either Ryan or George is a multi-millionaire.
The other secrets include one of the males having the IQ of a genius, while another has been fired from every job he's had and another is a juvenile offender.

Apart from George and Ryan the other males in the house are: singer Josh, 28, advertising copywriter Michael, 26, and supermarket check-out chap Bradley, 28.
The females are: singer Charne, 31, travel sales rep Angie, 21, beautician Layla, 24, car saleswoman Sarah, 30, advertising account manager Stacey, 24, student Zoe, 23, and public servant Estelle, 23

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainmen...es/story-e6frfmyi-1226450487016#ixzz23X2ziJtk


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SO much for secrets.

Big Brother’s official Facebook page was flooded with pictures of new housemate George’s “young millionaire” magazine spread.

Whoops! I guess the cat’s out of the bag on who the secret millionaire in the house is then.

You’d think George, or even BB producers, would have figured out that a magazine story on his wealth might - in the age of social media - be a slight giveaway on his so-called secret.

Hirsute Michael’s secret was also let slip by one of his mates on Facebook. But I’ll keep that one to myself.

Let’s hope the other housemates are a bit more discreet or the whole “secrets” premise of this series will be over before it even begins.

Anyway, as predicted, last night was the night that Big Brother let the beefcakes in.

There was: George, the dreadlocked tradie who we now know is also filthy rich.

And Ryan, the male model/law graduate who likes staring at his own reflection and/or photos of himself.

Both would, on paper at least, be ideal candidates for romance novel heroes.

The girls were pretty excited to finally see the hotties arrive.

They needn’t have worried. There was no way they were going to have a series of BB without a few muscle-bound men to potentially romance one of the resident bimbos.

Clearly they weren’t counting on Bradley to bring the romance factor.

The vulnerable nerd wasn’t coping well with the transition. He vomited in a glass before talking to his mum on a banana. Luckily, Sarah played nurse and made him some toast. Then again, she also encouraged him to use a banana as a phone.

The girls bonded over their shared task of working out the guys’ secrets to avoid being nominated for eviction.
Estelle told a clearly uncomfortable Stacey that she already “really got her”.

An incredulous Stacey, who obviously imagined she was more of an enigma, then shared one of the world’s most awkward and insincere hugs with her “soul sister” while dressed in what appeared to be Victorian-style undies.

In typical BB-style, the girls covered thought-provoking questions such as whether they’d prefer to be fat with boobs or thin and flat-chested.

Sonia Kruger handled the live format well - despite the fact she was dressed like the saucy, failed member of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.



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From The West:

George is in the house
Holly Richards, The West Australian August 14, 2012, 8:14 pm

A dreadlocked electrician from Newman is believed to be Big Brother's secret millionaire housemate in Nine's revamped version of the reality show.

George Baramily, 25, has apparently made a substantial amount of money through property investment.

During tonight's live episode, Baramily and 21-year-old male model Ryan Buckingham joined 10 contestants already in the house, all of whom hold secrets.

Baramily describes himself as a "mummy's boy" and says he will only shave off his dreadlocks if he is "fat, old and ugly". He also admitted that he doesn't remember the last time he went out and didn't kiss a girl.

Many bonds have quickly formed, in particular between baby of the house Bradley and mother hen Sarah who assisted the 18-year-old when he began vomiting due to nerves.

Host Sonia Kruger revealed the final two men would enter the house tomorrow night.

Preliminary overnight OzTAM figures placed Big Brother's launch yesterday at No. 2 nationally with 1.618 million viewers and No. 4 in Perth with 177,000. It was pipped to the top spot by Nine stable-mate Underbelly: Badness, which attracted an estimated 1.78 million nationally and 178,000 in Perth.

The top two spots in Perth yesterday were claimed by Seven News and Today Tonight, with 208,000 and 197,000 viewers respectively.

Ten's new Everybody Dance Now, hosted by Sarah Murdoch, took a plunge on its second night on air, attracting an average of just 304,000 viewers nationally, less than shows such as Q&A and The Bold and the Beautiful.
Big Brother airs tomorrow at 7pm on Nine/WIN.


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Gay marriage debate hits Big Brother

Author // Michael Magnusson

Channel Nine’s re-launch of the reality TV favourite Big Brother debuted this week with a gay member joining the 2012 household.

(Image Benjamin (right) with his boyfriend)

Benjamin is a 32-years-old, openly gay account manager from Victoria who describes himself as “a bitch.”

He also has a not very enthusiastic opinion on same-sex marriage.

From a single parent family Benjamin told how he would come home from school and tell his mother about other kids having a dad and he did not.

“My mum didn’t apolgise for that.”

“She didn’t baby us and said this is a lesson for you to learn, some people might have something that you don’t have.”

“And that’s OK.”

“I’ve gone on a journey like most Australians discussing homosexuality,” he told his housemates on the program.

Benjamin said it was interesting that his perspective as a gay person has gone from not supporting same-sex marriage to now understanding that people want to marry and for it to be recognised.

“But I just feel like, is it on the grand scale of things, as important as some other issues?” he said.

Big Brother was the second highest rating program for the day, attracting 1.6 million viewers although TV critics have been unenthusiastic about the return of the Big Brother franchise.

“Please, Big Brother, learn from the mistakes of the past,” Siobhan Duck wrote in the Herald-Sun.

“I really don't want to have to again face awkward questions from my parents’ friends about what a ‘turkey slap’ is. For the record, I didn't know either until Big Brother.

“I hope this time I won't be forced to learn any other new terms for lewd sex acts.”



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George's tough start

Vanessa Williams, The West Australian
August 16, 2012,

George Baramily. Picture: Paul Broben.

Newman-raised electrician George Baramily has attracted widespread attention on the internet since entering the Big Brother house on Tuesday.

Viewers were told that Baramily or 21-year-old male model Ryan Buckingham was the reality show's multi-millionaire, but the "secret" was quickly uncovered after images surfaced on Twitter of Baramily in Australian Property Investor magazine featured as a "young millionaire".

According to the article published in the magazine's June edition, Baramily bought his first investment property six years ago, which has seen him go on to obtain $3.722 million equity in a property portfolio worth $6.75 million.

Baramily, 25 - who works for BHP Billiton - was also reported to have had a tough childhood, having shared a poky studio apartment with his sister and mother for nearly three years as they waited for government housing.

As soon as some viewers realised Baramily's secret, they took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

"Just found out George for #bbau is the multi-millionaire because he was in a magazine for being one a while back... nice secret Big Brother!" one wrote, while another tweeted "Kinda disappointing that we all know George is the millionaire on Big Brother... But oh well..."

When Nine's rebooted version of the former Ten show launched on Monday, Big Brother revealed to the female contestants that in order to avoid eviction, they must correctly pinpoint which of the seven secrets belonged to the seven male housemates, including who is a millionaire, who is a genius and who was a juvenile offender.

Though viewers are now aware of Baramily's millionaire status, his dreadlocked looks and laid-back attitude could have his fellow housemates fooled into thinking he is anything but.

The final two housemates - Queensland vet Ray, 25, and Victorian accounts manager Benjamin, 32 - entered the house last night.

Meanwhile, Big Brother attracted an average of 1.327 million viewers nationally on Tuesday - about 300,000 fewer than Monday's launch episode - making it the second most-watched show of the night after Seven News.

Nine's double episode premiere of *Charlie Sheen *'s new comedy series, Anger Management, took out the nation's fifth and sixth spots, pulling 1.112 million and 1.106 million viewers respectively.

In Perth, Seven News won the night, attracting 212,000 viewers, followed by Today Tonight with 166,000 and Big Brother with 150,000 viewers.
Big Brother continues today at 7pm on Nine/WIN.



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Coraki's Brad makes Big Brother
Javier Encalada | 15th August 2012 9:07 AM

BIG BROTHER fans across Australia are watching Coraki's Bradley Darke.

The 18-year-old self-described geek with a stutter graduated from Trinity Catholic College, Lismore last year.

He works the checkout at his family's supermarket at Coraki during his gap year.

Originally from Goonellabah, his family purchased the Coraki supermarket last October and moved to the house above the business, overlooking the river.

Bradley's family is blown away by the initial reception that Australia has given to 18-year-old Bradley.

Rodney and Marion Darke watched their son going into the house on Monday night at Dreamworld in Queensland.

Asked about his brother, 21-year-old Stephanie Darke said "he's definitely no sporty! He's very much into his movies. He was obsessed with the latest Batman."

At Trinity, he was a good student. His favourite subject was drama and he was captain at Carthage House.

Marion called on Northern Rivers Big Brother fans to "get behind Bradley".

The launch of Big Brother attracted a peak audience of 2.147 million with an average of 1.618 million viewers.

Bradley Darke also made a big impression on social media. Messages on Twitter yesterday were mostly about Coraki, but not all were positive.

Rodney and Marion Darke were emphatic that Coraki was a great place to live.

"The best part of Coraki is its people. They have been very good to us and hopefully Bradley will help the town," Rodney said.

Coraki has 1223 inhabitants, according to the 2011 Census.

  • 14 housemates from 20,000 applicants.
  • 42 fixed and remote-control cameras to film 4368 hours of footage.
  • 108 in-house microphones.
  • Producers have 12 hours to turn around the daily show, cutting from 48 hours' worth of footage, five days a week and 96 hours' footage for the Sunday daily show

  • Bradley $7.50
  • Josh $8
  • Sarah $9
  • Michael $10
  • Estelle $11
  • Charne $12
  • Stacey $13
  • Angie $15
  • Zoe $17
  • Layla $21
  • Any other $2.50
Source: Tom Waterhouse


Sarah enters Big Brother house
By Jade Martin | Aug. 13, 2012, midnight

IF YOU don’t know Sarah Wentworth-Perry, you soon will.

The 30-year-old Wagga woman was last night introduced to Australia as one of the 14 housemates set to star in the Nine Network’s revamped Big Brother reality television show.

The former Trinity Senior High School student has followed in the footsteps of Wagga’s 2005 Big Brother winners, the “Logan” twins – Greg and David Mathew – trumping more than 20,000 who contested to take part in the show.

As news of Sarah’s selection filtered through Wagga, yesterday even her close friends and family were surprised at how closely her newest adventure had been kept under wraps.

“There is this veil of secrecy about it,” Sarah’s mum, Anne Wentworth-Perry said.

While Sarah’s partner of two years Ryan Miller had accompanied her to the secret auditions in Melbourne, Ms Wentworth-Perry said she and Sarah’s sister Emma were among the first to find out last week.

“I don’t think any of her friends know,” she said.

“I don’t think even the housemates know a lot either.”

Mr Miller said Sarah, who works as a new car sales consultant at Thomas Brothers Toyota, was keen to use her time on Big Brother to help raise awareness for the charity Little Paths which helps children in Cambodia and Tanzania living below the poverty line.

“She loves what she does now with her job, but anything that pushes the charity forward is good,” he said.

While Mr Miller said he’ll be taking the storylines which arise from Big Brother with a grain of salt, both he and Ms Wentworth-Perry are keen to see how Sarah’s time on the show plays out.

“I’m just proud of her,” Ms Wentworth-Perry said.

“She gives 110 per cent to everything she does.

“I’m sure she’ll give Big Brother 110 per cent as well.”

Describing her daughter as bright, bubbly, kind-hearted and loyal, Ms Wentworth-Perry said there was only one little thing that worried her about Sarah’s stint as a housemate.

“She is a little untidy,” she said.

“(But) she is always so busy.”

Our Sarah in Big Brother spotlight
By Jade Martin | Aug. 15, 2012, 7:30 a.m.

LESS than 24 hours after entering the Big Brother house, Wagga’s Sarah Wentworth-Perry has established herself as a firm favourite among audiences, with Centrebet tipping her to be the last girl standing.

The 30-year-old new car sales consultant was the first female housemate to be welcomed into the Gold Coast complex on Monday night.

While Wagga residents did a double take as the self-described bubbly brunette hit television screens, Sarah’s best friend and confidant, Lauren Pollard – who accompanied Sarah to lock-down at a Gold Coast hotel – says she believes her friends has what it takes to play the Big Brother game.

“She is a very savvy girl,” Lauren said.

“She is pretty clued in and good at reading people.”

For the past week Lauren and Sarah were kept isolated on the Gold Coast under the watchful eye of a chaperone who had control of their room keys and escorted the girls from photo shoots to interviews.

After having their mobile phones confiscated shortly after they arrived, Lauren said the only indication of time they had inside their hotel room was the clock on the microwave.

Despite the rules and regulations which saw Sarah stripped of her lip stick, eye liner, and all tools she could possibly write with before entering the Big Brother compound, Lauren said Sarah was excited to be entering the house.

“She was a bit nervous (on Monday night), you could tell, but I think she did a terrific job,” Lauren said.

“She didn’t enter Big Brother to be famous or gain popularity.

“She was at the right place in her life.

“The timing was just perfect and she thought ‘I’ll just give it a go’.”

The girls, who attended Mount Erin High School, have been friends for more 13 years, with Sarah acting as maid of honour at Lauren’s wedding 18 months ago.

“She is a bit special,” Lauren said.

“She has just done so much for everybody, it is good to see her do something for herself.”

Big Brother airs weeknights on the Nine Network from 7.30pm.

To view Sarah’s bio visit www.bigbrother.com.au or Facebook fan page www.facebook.com/sarahbigbrother2012


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I'll do the honours in posting this one :)


Real Aussies? Oh Brother, it's a bunch of fakers

IT'S not just the Big Brother contestants that are going under the magnifying glass - with Channel 9's audition process also being scrutinised by the show's fans.

Despite selling the new batch of housemates as everyday Aussies, almost half of this year's contestants have a background in the entertainment industry.

Tim Trainor, of independent fansite Behind Big Brother, said the prevalence of professional entertainers undermined the concept of the show.

"The whole premise of this season was built around everyday Australians and the producers made a really big deal of reaching out to everyday Australians in each state," he said. "If these people are with agencies and have been on TV it flies in the face of what they've been saying."

While she's listed as a law student on the show's personality profiles, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal Estelle Landy, 23, is an actress and model represented by casting agency StarNow.

Beautician Layla Subritzky, 24, also has acting and modelling experience in the UK, where she auditioned to be part of the British version of the reality show.

Male model Ryan Buckingham, 21, has also been cast in the programme, along with accomplished musician and musical theatre performer Charne Louise. Along with being the frontman for rock band Messrs, Josh Moore, 28, is also a roving radio reporter for Nova FM in Adelaide, while 25-year-old vet Ray Baxter wants to be the next Dr Chris Brown and entered a contest for dishy doctors through the network's Brisbane station.

Benjamin Norris, 32, is open about his work in media and TV. His resume includes SBS, while Stacey Wren, 24, has worked for Muse TV, and has links with the BBC and MTV.


I'll do the honours in posting this one :)
His resume includes SBS, while Stacey Wren, 24, has worked for Muse TV, and has links with the BBC and MTV.
Sure wish I had a resume like that under my belt now.. when I presented at my auditions.

I always look to channel Sevens "Amazing Race Australia" SE01
That.. Imo was good "Aussie" casting.. the 2 women from WA that worked for Big W.
I mean.. how more ordinary Aussie could you get.

I myself work for Woolies Ltd.. but I am disappointed to see that this years housemates.. all
basically have so "wow" factor job that no "everyday" run of the mill Aussie is going to have.
They said.. they where looking for the "Reggie Bird's" amung us.. Reggie worked for herself at a fish & chip shop.

She didn't work in radio or TV or model and have a casting agency.


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Article from 2009 about Estelle:

Shaping the nation
19 Jan, 2009 08:51 AM

A MORWELL woman will be among the first citizens given the chance to help shape the perception of politics in Australia.

Estelle Landy was one of 150 Australians randomly selected to participate in the first-ever Australian Citizens' Parliament, to be held at the Old Parliament House, Canberra next month.

The participants will discuss and debate ways to strengthen and improve Australia's political system in working for the people.

The 20 year-old was selected from more than 8500 people invited to be part of the program, and is still not quite sure how her name came up.

``It was a huge surprise,'' she said.

``I went to the mail box one day and found a well-presented invite in my letterbox saying I was shortlisted to partake in the Citizens' Parliament.

``It said we were one of 0.2 per cent to get that far.

``Initially I had no idea what it was, I thought it was junk mail at first but then I rang the number and spoke to someone who explained what it was.''

The Citizens' Parliament is an initiative of the newDemocracy Foundation.

Estelle has always had an interest in politics and at the age of 18 she became part of the Socialist Alliance in Melbourne.

``My mum was a political freelance journalist for Time magazine, so I have drawn most of my political views from family roots,'' she said.

``I took political studies at high school and I still have an interest in it.''

Estelle has been communicating and preparing material for discussion with other participants who will attend the sitting, via an online forum.

The issue she hopes to raise is that Australian History Politics be a mandatory subject for students up until year 12.

``Voting is compulsory and I think the youth of today are not well enough informed and I don't think they have the full information to make informed decisions when voting,'' Estelle said.

``It's not that people don't want to learn, but the structure isn't there.

``We need to be educating so we have correct or well thought-out leaders selected.''

Estelle said she hoped her participation in the forum would make a difference.

``One advantage of being young is that I can represent the demographic of youth,'' she said.

``I feel I am still fresh enough to put forward some common views.''

Estelle also looks forward to seeing how parliament works.
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