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Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers


Somehow I Still Believe
I can't tell if your tone is with a grin, or a really serious look when you post. lol

Angela was light hearted and happiest character on the show. The rest needed to lighten up.
I guess it all comes down to what you want to believe.

And the rest needed to think for themselves.


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I feel this goes well with your post.
I know damn well someone with an Xavier profile picture isn't telling me who is entertaining and who isn't


It’s Not

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I could do without the new BB dude, he's such a wimp! HAL as a reference should have stuck. Humanizing the BB character, flirting with the characters, and talking about beers on the outside, makes rubbish tv.
A thousand times this!!! 😍


Bucking the system
Anyway. Back on-topic...

“I thought we’d settle in, have the first eviction and everyone would play nicely, but no, they are there to win and win at all costs"
Big Brother Australia Host Sonia Kruger spills new details about the "epic" upcoming season of the hit Channel 7 show"

TRANSLATION: "If you hated last year's season of desperate, self absorbed, back-stabbing anarchists, don't watch THIS season as they're all MUCH WORSE this year !"


Sounds like more of the same Survivor in a pressure-cooker with even greedier HMs. meh.