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Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)


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I've not seen any indication that the Greek version will be a bastardised version of Big Brother. All other reboots this year have at least been broadcast as they took place, not months after, whether or not they had a live feed or not.

They've only had 5 series in Greece, with four from 2001-2005, with the third being dubbed The Wall (their version of the Battle format) and the fourth being dubbed Big Mother, in which all the housemates mothers also lived in the house. A fifth in 2010 failed to reboot the franchise.

Some pics of the house here: https://www.zappit.gr/psychagogia/t...ones-apo-to-spiti-tou-megalou-adelfou/2967675

And something BB Australia no longer has, the set:

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Their promo appears to be exactly the same as ours was. Except they have executed it better and their house doesn’t look like a mess.
Interesting it’s the same graphics etc

Yeah! That’s the one @Brekkie posted on the other page. It sure goes to show how effective only a minor change can make.

Interestingly some of their transitions during the episode (I only saw some clips that were posted on their Insta Story) also seems to be replicated directly from our version, but look a look cleaner.