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Big Brother 2020: Promos and teasers (contains spoilers)


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A bit blurry, but here is inside the house


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Depends whether when she says average she is talking about mean, median or mode.

Well in maths mean=average. median is the middle number, and the mode is the most occurring. So its clear she said average which means 'mean'


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I feel like it's coming kinda soon. There's been tons of promos, and they're gonna show all the house and voice and stuff on Sunday so idk


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Here is the big promo - they'd have been better off having Travis from BB08 as the authorative voice of Big Brother - this one sounds piss weak.

House looks decent though, but Sonia and the "Got to BB" theme is giving me awful flashbacks. Seems it'll start in June - I guess it'll end up sharing the 7.30pm slot with House Rules once the home renos are over.


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Also it said "Who Wins, You decide" at the end of the promo? So theres no winner yet?

Australia decides the winner - there’s a live finale!

honestly, the big brother voice sounds borderline nightmarish AND I LOVE IT.

His voice doesn’t give off family friendly vibes lol.
And Sonia at the end kinda ruined the promo. It didn’t match the rest of the vibe. I found it jarring.

and that bloody paint style font!! Get rid of it.
Otherwise, I’m excited :D

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I don’t like how the voice is a computer generated sounding voice. The only reason they probably went with this is because it’s being added in post production. He sounds too weak though. I miss the booming authorities voice.
It’s a really good promo and the house looks really cool. They have done well on that.

I just really feel it’s going to fall flat with it pretty recorded and so manufactured.

Is it also just me or does it show almost 3 different lounges? Lol
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Nothing will ever beat that horrifyingly striking deep monstrous voice from 2004-2007 but I appreciate they're trying something different with the voice, I'm in the minority that really didn't like Leon Murray's voice for BB, he would however be a really good narrator for the show..