BBAU 2022: Promos and other news (includes spoilers)


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Does it look like a give a fuck? If you’re going to come on the forums as a HM you have to be prepared to take the good along with the bad. By no means are they owed anything simply for gracing us with their presence. If you want to kiss their ass that’s on you.
Oh lookie.. A keyboard wawwior. Its fun being a bully.. Yeah?!


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I know, that’s why I’m confused they’ve put Jaycee as the most likely, he hardly gets an edit lol
i assume there's been some sort of influx, jaycee has 1million followers on tiktok, but only thousands on other platforms. Despite his reach and popularity, im inclined to to think that voters mainly consist of the ongoing fans and viewers, rather than it being a popularity contest.


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So do we know if Chrissie Swan queen and Reggie got their reunion at the Logies?
I was wondering too and thankfully Estelle said in the live Instagram chat she was having last night with Dave and Tully that they did.

I'm just bummed we have no audio or video or photos of it. I wonder when it was that Chrissie and Reg last spoke before that too and if they keep in any regular touch or not.