1. Brekkie

    BBAU 2022: Promos and other news (includes spoilers)

    Just adding a thread which will take over from the pre-season thread for promos relating to the next episode and other little titbits and spoilers which falls out of the episode threads. Guessing they might release the first few minutes ahead of the broadcast as they've done a couple of times...
  2. Brekkie

    Predict the Final 3

    A wise member once said So here we go. Struggling to remember three names but I'll go with Ian, Sarah (that's the short one right?) and Xavier. From the little we've seen I think both Ian and Xavier understand the game far more than we're being allowed to see, whilst Sarah will literally...
  3. Brekkie

    Format and production thoughts

    A week in just thought it's worth taking stock now of what we've seen so far in more general terms outside of the individual episodes thread. Firstly other than being pre-recorded the actual format is fine. It's not quite as strong as the US/Canadian format but it is the equivalent of where...
  4. Brekkie

    House Rules 2016

    Anyone still watching? Still love the concept of this show but Seven clearly not learning from the mistakes of others and just dragging it out too long - the first "Whole House Reveal" had 40 minutes, which I guess was an hour with ads, of the judges walking round looking at the house...