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  1. Brekkie

    Predict the Final 3

    A wise member once said So here we go. Struggling to remember three names but I'll go with Ian, Sarah (that's the short one right?) and Xavier. From the little we've seen I think both Ian and Xavier understand the game far more than we're being allowed to see, whilst Sarah will literally...
  2. B

    New BBAU Casting promo from OFFICIAL Twitter (not verified yet)

    Still pending verification but this is the official BBAU 2020 Twitter account
  3. Brekkie

    What could possibly replace I'm a Celeb?

    So I'm a Celeb is flopping big style this year for Ten - they're so desperate they're bringing back a contestant from last year as ratings dip below half a million. Could it? Should it? Would it? Probably not, but heck, maybe, just maybe.
  4. ElevateJay

    Channel 10

    Rights to a certain Endemol reality Tv show doesn't sound so bad now does it Channel 10? #Roasted #bringbackBBAU
  5. BigBrotherCritic

    BBAU 2001 - Live Launch - Were you there?

    Was anybody there when it first started? How was the experience? Can you tell us all about it? Cheers