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  1. B

    New BBAU Casting promo from OFFICIAL Twitter (not verified yet)

    Still pending verification but this is the official BBAU 2020 Twitter account
  2. Brekkie

    What could possibly replace I'm a Celeb?

    So I'm a Celeb is flopping big style this year for Ten - they're so desperate they're bringing back a contestant from last year as ratings dip below half a million. Could it? Should it? Would it? Probably not, but heck, maybe, just maybe.
  3. ElevateJay

    Channel 10

    Rights to a certain Endemol reality Tv show doesn't sound so bad now does it Channel 10? #Roasted #bringbackBBAU
  4. BigBrotherCritic

    BBAU 2001 - Live Launch - Were you there?

    Was anybody there when it first started? How was the experience? Can you tell us all about it? Cheers