Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 4 Discussion (12 May, 7:30pm)

If you had the option, who would you have picked to break the nominations tie?

  • Joel

    Votes: 15 25.9%
  • Mel from Melbourne

    Votes: 7 12.1%
  • Big Brother should have just put them both up.

    Votes: 36 62.1%

  • Total voters
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Was it Dave that was saying to Sonia that it was naïve to think everyone would stay all voting in two nice neat ways or something like that?


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Do we have any reason (other than just being a fellow OG) to believe that Tim thinks Dave is with him.
Reggie and Dave nominated Layla earlier this week.
In tonight’s show they spoke of a clear divide between the OGs and newbies, so I think at least some of them are assuming the OGs have formed a voting block. But Tim was doing a lot of scrambling, so maybe he knew he was one man down. I’d be interested to see if Dave would ever vote for Reggie.

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I know we love the OGs but nothing says they all HAVE to work together. The other OGs aren’t necessarily his friends.
…true… but obviously the OG’s should band together regardless at the beginning to slowly get rid of the newbies first and then turn on each other for the win?… is he that fucking stupid?… or does he think in that feeble brain of his that if he gets rid of of all the OG’s first that he can miraculously win it without the worry of the other OG’s?… he’s totally deluded… what a fuckwit either way… cheers.


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Something I’m finding interesting is seeing Tim stressed when it’s scrambling time for the evicted housemates. During his season he didn’t look stressed out once…Boog did drive him nuts for the last few weeks of the season though.


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That was fairly predictable given we already knew Drew is there when Tully arrives. So goodbye Mel, Her constant reminders of how 'nice' she is were grating on my last nerve. Not sorry to see her gone. Layla did so well in that challenge, good for her.


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OGs v Noobs would lead to a predictable pagonging one way or the other do it's good they mix it up. Nothing worse than a predictable run of a season.
As the newbies have the numbers still, it would be a predictable picking off of the more powerful OG players, leaving a few unstrategic ones. I am for anything which hinders the dull advancement of the J-Crew and its hangers on.
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