Episode BBAU 2022 - Episode 19 Discussion (15 June, 7:30pm)

If there is a 2023 series, what do you think the cast selection will be?

  • Another OG vs. Newbies

    Votes: 10 19.2%
  • Ch7 All Stars vs. Newbies

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • Ch7 All Stars vs. OG

    Votes: 3 5.8%
  • A mix bag of Ch7 / OG / Newbies

    Votes: 6 11.5%
  • All Newbie Series

    Votes: 20 38.5%
  • No Series

    Votes: 14 26.9%
  • Other (comment below)

    Votes: 1 1.9%

  • Total voters


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I think this is where Reggie's edit is going to take a very predictable turn. Positivity wherever they can put it, as well as giving her as much strategic credit as possible. Even if the move isn't optimal.


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Reggie has no strategy. If you want Jules gone you want Estelle to win not Drew. Estelle vs Jules will see Estelle go. Drew vs Jules sees Jules gone.
Jules was working with them too! Reggie just wanted an intruder out at all costs. I know Jules voted for Reg but it was a bit of a throwaway vote.