Episode BBAU 2021 Episode 29 Discussion (23 June, 7:30pm)

Are you glad that this season is nearly over?

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 40.0%
  • Fuck Yes

    Votes: 24 60.0%

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Never again
I have learnt that whomever I enjoy on BB. It doesn't align to the majority of voters.

People finding Danny entertaining doesn't mean it would translate into him winning. Past seasons of BB and various other audience voted reality TV shows have shown me that often the best "story" wins. Regardless of merit. This has the added bonus of Danny being rich. It will come down to, "It's been really rough for Dad since mum died, and I really want to change his life and make a difference."

That is what appeals to the fat bogan mums who end up deciding the winner of shows like BB.

Wasn't part of the appeal of Chad winning last year that he was a nice guy. He wants to help mum because it's been though since dad died?

That and people really hated Daniel because apparently he was racist.