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BB/CBB UK - Rewatch discussions

CBBUK5 Housemates Part 3:

Jermaine Jackson:
He came across really well. Reserved at first, but was a great support for Shilpa throughout all the mess this season ensued, telling her not to worry about them and just keep doing what she was doing. He also had a good go with the tasks. I recall in 2008 he appeared on the MJ theme night of Australian Idol after this. Apparently he also had some stuff to promote in the UK after the show, has appeared on some reality shows like Wife Swap, and freleased some music.

Shilpa Shetty: I thought she handled everything really well, it probably helped being a little bit older and into her career on top of coming over to the UK and launching herself into this at say the beginning of her career. She took a lot of things in her stride, really got into the tasks etc. Apparently before this there was some slight controversy over a revealing midriff outfit and then not long after the show the Richard Gere kissing thing happened which wasnt formally settled until 2022 or something! which caused a bit of a stir back in India.

And then theres this which she bounced back from, She met with Tony Blair, The Queen, and there were even talks of an offer to do a stint on Eastenders apparently, which may have had its own sleight of controversy by some thinking she was riding the racism row and winning BB for her own gain career wise perhaps. Anyway she also got a hosting spot on the Indian BB in 2008, appeared judging on several dance reality shows and appearances on Indian Idol, and of course more Movies.

So yeah that was CBB5! onto BBUK8! First thoughts in a bit. ;)
BBUK8 (2007) Started!
Launch + 1st Big Mouth and BBLB eps thoughts:
  • First of all I actually watched this launch back in the day. It was about 2 weeks or so before we moved house though so lost track of keeping up with it until we also had that Crossover moment with BBAU7 later in the series. I remember the all girls opening night, not sure how that would play out, I guess its only really 3 or 4 extra girls and they stopped there for now, being 10 housemates spots but 11 people as the twins playing as one I presume. And at least one guy coming in soon on Friday ep. So by the time they add a few more guys there might be evictions to even it out a bit more we shall see.
  • I also thought I remembered Davina actually chatting with the housemates before entry this time but I guess not, they're keeping as they usually do. Longer wrap around catwalk this time though down to the platform.

  • Graphics are kinda similar vibes to BB4's with multicolours, but this is more splotches with some other bits like pink and light blue etc but also in the style of a TV test pattern too in parts I suppose.
  • House layout is a bit more cubed in the living area and garden (which has astroturf now, but real plants and a eco-friendly rainwater tank (a bit like our BB7 had too).
  • Like last season's inside out theming, this time theres a few fragmented things around, like the 'out' sink being on the opposite end to the 'in' sink, Bathtub in the lounge, oven in the bedroom, and fridge out in the garden. They also have some hair dryer helmets and steam chairs in the bathroom.
  • One of the beds is tiny, others have one big pillow and sleep multiple people. Guess maybe thats where the one big Communal bed from BBAU8 may have got a bit of an idea from perhaps.
  • Diary room chair is transparent and has like white lighting like its a jellyfish against dark background. Theres also a bit of an Airlock section that lights up.
  • Theres a intermediary checkered pattern room between the staircase and the house with a mysterious side door. In the lounge there is a fish phone and by the table a 'Target' on the floor.

  • The female housemates, theres a bit of an age spread, quite a few 18-22ish's then youve got like Nicky late 20's, Tracey 36, and then two older hms in Carole (50's) and Lesley (60). Even between those two you have some different personalities, and it'll be interesting to see what the mix of guys are like whenever they start to drop in.
  • The Twin's are a little hyperactive, Charley got a bit of boo's and 'get her out' already before she even went in. Shabnam the crowd seemed to like. She kinda reminds me a little face wise of Grace (BB7). Chanelle and Emily compared in looks to Victoria Beckham and Peaches Geldof. Tracey was wearing a top that seemed as multicoloured as the graphics this series. She seems pretty laidback.
  • Big Mouth updated set I think it seems to be primarily filmed from the other angle into the studio (although it switches) and its more an ampitheatre kindof set up with the two guests siting on the opposite side in front of the screen. Chris Moyles is guest hosting at least the first few episodes and They had Gareth Gates and Colleen Nolan on the first ep. They have started bringing in 'Eyepiece' which is video mouthpieces sent in. BBLB has this now too as 'web callers' mixed in with phone in its Ask BBLB which has been renamed to BBLB 'Shout'.
  • BBLB seems to have a bit of a projected set with a light blue and white style theme, and a bit of an expanded audience section. It also has a bit of a curve up one side alongside the chequerboard hm profile shots on the wall, bit like the Curve in the BB Garden.
  • Louisa Lytton was the first guest, and BBLB News has a bit of a new theme tune and Dermot with background of the audience.

    Onto the next few episodes!
BBUK8 Week 1 (Day 2-10) Done (big update) PART 1:
  • Ok so after a little ways in now (but still so much more to come) I’m warming to the social experiment aspect coming back into play here more, even though it seemed pretty off the wall at first, props to them for trying something pretty different to start off the season.
  • They had the girls do a breakdancing task in teams. Then on Day 3, one man entered, Ziggy. Apparently he used to be in a boyband called NorthernLine? and the twins remembered they visited their school (from what I gather this must’ve been around 1998/99 they were on the scene from what they said on BBLB). I may go into it more in my write up at the end of the season, but It seems like maybe he was just enough D-grade could’ve passed for a celeb season, but just obscure enough otoh to also be suitable for the civilian season.
  • Anyways, He was being compared looks wise to David Beckham, Christian Bale (hmm yeah maybe), but I’m getting a little bit of Heath Ledger vibes honestly? Although the VT they played on BBLB he compared himself to Suzanne Shaw (from Hearsay) that apparently he had a date with or something.
  • Nominations wise, Ziggy was the only one allowed to nominate, pulling a Susie from last season, however this time everyones aware of it, and so They get a mini task of an 11 course dinner date in the chequered room for him to get to know all the girls better.
  • Also It seems that door to the right of the chequered room just connects with the living area toilet, but also Im curious about that window slat to the left of the door. It was open during the dinner dates (Ziggy and Chanelle had a full conversation through it) but after it was shut. I’m wondering if maybe it opens during the eviction exit or something so the housemates can wave the evictee off. We shall have to see.

  • At first it also seemed like a bit of a sweet deal for Ziggy being the only guy in a house full of women, but theres been so many arguments between the girls over the week (over hair straighteners (Emily and Chanelle), constant meetings about food shortages (Charley and Nicky), chores etc) and people getting emotional, and also between him getting caught up in trying to mediate the girls, like Ziggy and Emily clashing over her saying Chanelle might have a game plan by sleeping in Ziggy’s bed (whom he’s started a little situationship showmance thing with), or Nicky had a go at him for not pouring everyone’s wines the same and swigging the rest of the bottle for himself.
  • The Shopping task is the girls arranging themselves in order out in the garden in different categories, whilst Ziggy answers BB’s questions in the Diary room. It gets a bit tense with the girls arguing a bit there in some.
  • There was also a bit of a double standard moment when I think Charley’s bikini top came apart in the pool or something next minute all the girls are chasing Ziggy around the house trying to get his pants down? ummm… ok then. This was played off as comedy on BBLB and Big Mouth although his former bandmate did point it out at least if a bunch of guys did that to a girl it’d be another thing. ymmv. Anyways its starting to get to him a little and maybe good time for the next guy to come in and shake up the dynamic into a new phase I think.

  • Lesley has been having a couple faux pas moments of coming off rude and awkward with the others, she’s also been expressing wanting to walk the last few days but BB has talked her down to agreeing to think it over a couple more days. Last we heard she’s given her final decision and still wants to walk.
  • Shabnam also really isn’t fussed and wants to go, very blatant about only being on the show for the exposure and fame/career ops. She breaks the rules asking Ziggy point blank to nominate her, losing the housemates access to the bathroom for a couple days. Next, Emily tricks Ziggy into revealing she was one of the nominees he picked (the other being Shabnam) by walking out of the diary room saying she’s nominated and Ziggy apologising. BB asks them both to choose someone to be punished on their behalf, they choose Shabnam, who loses her clothes and makeup and is given basic stuff to wear until further notice.
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BBUK8 Week 1 (Day 2-10) Done (big update) PART 2:

  • Its Nicky and Tracey’s birthdays during the week. Charley gives Tracey a bit of a makeover (Tracey hasn’t worn makeup in years).
  • Another scandal, Emily blurts out the N-Word very casually towards Charley while Nicky is present outside, and Charley is a bit rattled and confused about it. They start discussing and telling a few of the others about it and unsure how to feel about it although it wasn’t said as part of an argument or whatever. Charley and Nicky are up late in the living area talking about it when Emily is called to the dairy room at 3am and ejected from the house. The others are told the next morning. The eviction is cancelled.
  • I can see why Channel 4 had basically the zero tolerance approach and didn’t just give her benefit of the doubt, and wait for the eviction result, or try and cover up what she said by just not airing it unless it had reached live feeds (the others would all have continued to address it and it would be clear something happened as well).
  • Especially after what happened in CBB5 and the findings of the enquiry only having just come out before BB8 started citing C4 not acting quickly enough to respond to and deal with any unacceptable behaviour/that could cause great offense as one point. And Vanessa Feltz on BBLB and Stephen K Amos on Big Mouth (hello again, in about 17 years you’ll be on I’m A Celeb.. Australia haha) I think had good points, This particular word is so charged, even on the off chance with whatever friends Emily hangs around with might be ok with her liberally using it, its just not worth that being the hill you die on defending/explaining it (just not excusing it cause it is what it is no matter the context) by saying well it isn’t meant that way. Just don’t go there and leave the N-word privileges to POC.
  • It kinda feels similar I guess in some ways like Nazi’s bastardising the swastika which used to be a positive message symbol in Nepal iirc. Their symbol of hate has become so entrenched in todays society it would take soooo much to turn that automatic association around and ‘reclaim’ it unfortunately.
  • Whats more is it shouldn’t have come into her vocabulary to ever have a context to use that word (again especially going into this season after what just happened 6 months before) or at least raised red flags before she blurted it out so randomly, especially towards someone she’s only known for a week. But clearly she didn’t think before she spoke, and hopefully learned a very tough lesson (as seen on her BBLB right of reply interview). YMMV very fuzzy topic.

  • Anyways after that the Eviction show just becomes another entry special for not one, but two more guys. Good move I thought and predicted, than just one more. and also they’re just not another two conventionally ‘attractive’ guys like Ziggy was seen as, They’re both Gay or Bi, but not overly obvious about it, so that will be another interesting dynamic for the next week, or whoever long it is until some more Guys are brought in.
  • Another nominations twist this week it will be Gerry and Seany picking 2 other housemates who will also nominate with them.
  • The only thing is we shall see if they don’t stretch it out too long with the gender imbalance although it’s only going into week 2. I’m thinking maybe at end of week 2 maybe 3 more guys? maybe by Week 3 it should be more evened up perhaps for a new phase of the season. Although will they keep those guys in secret locations lockdown for 5 or so weeks, Gerry and Seany had been there for 3 already Davina said. we shall see.

  • It’s giving some good content for the First ‘On The Couch’ which is now hosted by Davina and what I presume is the new eviction set. I like it its a bit more compact than BB7 which I though might’ve had a bit much empty space IMO. They had some familiar Psych’s like Harry and Tomas from last season and of course Judy James, who has become a bit of a fixture the last few seasons. Topics were Body Language, Proximity, Shoaling, Dynamics of the female only house vs one guy, and who Ziggy may nominate).
  • BBLB has the roving reporters from BB7 back as ‘The B Team’ only Lea is replaced by Nikki, along with Glyn, Shahbaz and Spiral.
  • Also instead of ‘Gnome Cam/Bunny Cam’ this season it will be a comp to go into the house and place your own special ‘Mug’ in the wall space for the housemates to use and you can see it onscreen during the season. Alex Zane was on to see some of the submissions so far.
  • They also had a ‘BB Insider’ segment with someone behind a silhouette wall, and some Guest vs the audience quizzes.
  • I’m enjoying the rotating host each week format so far for Big Mouth too (Chris Moyles first few days then George Galloway for the rest of Week 1), They have a few repeating segments such as the host sometimes does a skit VT with action from the house or sometimes the House wall or stairs etc (face in the wall) does a VT and mini throw, Mouthpiece returned one ep with politician talking heads as the visual (along with some creative Eyepiece’s including animations, etc) but not as rote as Russell got in the last 2 series with the monologues and toilet humour gags haha. George did a pretty good job hosting. They had some fun guests too such as Aisleyne (BB7), Cheeky Girls, Pete Burns (CBB4), Nancy Lam, some of the Loose Women (also on BBLB).

    Whew, big update, that’ll do for now on Week 1.
    Onto the next few episodes!
BBUK8 Week 2 Done:
  • Lesley walked out the next morning on the Saturday. It was after Seany was being rowdy with the girls the first night and pranked her by swiping her duvet, but She was on her way out anyway, She said it just reinforced her decision she’d had enough and wanted to walk. Lesley made a couple funny appearances on BBLB and Big Mouth during the week.
  • Topics on On The Couch included types of moaning (such as saying they’re not moaning… but-), what offering each other food in the hoiuse may mean as a gesture, how good they are at holding effective meetings, and the group leadership dynamics shifting perhaps with. Lesley’s exit and Nicky about the food. Apparently she has a love of Hot Sauce.
  • Gerry and Seany seem to be settling in more, there were a few interesting discussion asides about how each of them come from their journey and stuff about their sexuality, and also Seany’s experience visiting a mosque and comparing it to understanding stereotype parallels between muslims and Irish people.
  • After Lesley gives her single bed to Carole, They both suggest taking over the double and pushing Ziggy and Chanelle to the single as Carole dosent want it. I thought that might cause some friction, but it seems that Ziggy and Chanelle are fine with it and can reassess later, in a bit of a well if you don’t ask (and not just go this is what we’ve decided) you don’t get I suppose. haha. Gerry and Seany also have been quite close in that bed, maybe theres something developing or they’re just very at ease with each other platonically we’ll see.

  • On the other hand theres also been a lot more arguments, and Charley seems to be right at the centre of it all, and also the ongoing dramas about the food situation from Nicky primarily, not wanting to be ‘that person’ on the backs of the others eating too much and not forward thinking, vs if she does actually have a ‘fun side’.
  • There was a funny scene after the mini task ‘man chat’ where the housemates weren’t allowed to eat the pot pies BB basically used as props for the task and Nicky was complaining about what a waste of food it was - she dangled one in front of the camera and Seany pushed her hand so it smudged the Diary room camera lenses. She later got a punishment to clean the windows from BB, although I did think she had a point Seany got off lightly didn’t he haha.
  • The girls have a bit of a girly girl code chat with Chanelle about whether Ziggy is being serious with her, but she more/less promptly goes off and discusses it with him, causing a bit of a thing between her and Nicky which they then attempt to sort out in the bathroom. Ziggy makes a bit of a bizarre comment exasperated that theres yet again pointless bitchy drama appearing to erupt by saying something about there being a lot of lesbians in the house? and Laura doesn’t like him and will tell him so or something, which seemed a bit left field and sets Laura off a little but anyway it all seems to settle down again for the moment.

  • Nominations beforehand like Ziggy’s dates, this time it was Seany and Gerry in the ‘Board Room’ interviewing the others. They chose Sam and Amanda to nominate with them, which, was news to me and also confirmed later on in the week that The twins are not only nominating separately, but are playing separately and can be nominated separately it appears too. I had assumed it was playing as one to begin with. It’s Shabnam, Carole and Tracey up.
  • The shopping task is the housemates have to all cram together in fish costumes in a big ‘Sardine tin’ filled with brine in the backyard. a max of 2 can sit out the task, but they all agree to quit after an hour and a bit. The target they learn was about 4 hours 20 minutes. Gerry however learns after they wash off outside that the bathroom is again off limits until further notice as he discussed his reasons for nominations (without naming names but still) and a few of the others were having speculation breaches. They’ll have to wait in line for the lounge bathtub in the meantime.

  • Theres more friction with the shopping list. Charley has fights with Nicky about having ‘no game’ and also Shabnam about saying she ordered bananas (this after Shabnam was caught out nicking some of Caroles loo roll stash). Meanwhile Ziggy, Seany and Gerry and singing ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’’s Nah Nahs during this row. lol. Like Ziggy said in the diary room, its all a bit up and down they have all these arguments (mostly initiated/revolving around Charley this week, could she be playing it up a bit at times on purpose perhaps?) then a bit later they’re made up again.
  • Some of the BBLB guests this week included Alesha Dixon, Darren Lyons, the ‘BB Insider’ was back, etc. Dermot also visted this week’s Big Mouth Host, Alexa Chung on the set and I think it seems actually a little further in the studio perhaps it appears this time? anyways, They had on Big Mouth Nikki (BB7), Brian (BB2), Junior Simpson, Lesley, etc).

  • On the Friday there are 4 new boys coming in, before the actual eviction. They are Billi, (a model), Jonathan (a millionaire business owner), Liam ( a tree surgeon) and Brian (an IT Clerk) they’ll all bring some interesting dynamics I think. Shabnam is then the one evicted, She takes her sweet time though (and no, that window slat dosent appear to open). Doing some wild aerobics outside the door when she came out, Davina had to walk all the way up and around to bring her down pretty much, LOL. She was very talkative in her interview.

    Onto the next few episodes!
Omg wow you're up to BB8. Thats a season I have longed to watch for over a decade now. I did start it a very long time ago when I was only starting high school, but never finished it. BB3 really put me off my binge, but I will definitly return to it in due time. Probably in September when I return from Europe. Then I can devote all of my free time to rotting my brain with BBUK again.
BB8 Week 2 additional note,

The crowd like to get into a Get Charley Out chant (even though she's not even up), and I thought BB was going to pull Seany up on them all trying to get him to decipher who's name they were chanting and maybe that could be considered outside knowledge/information, but it seems no. I guess it could be kindof grey area whether its outside information because the new guys have no idea who's who and have no preconceived idea of how they are coming across on the show (See Brian walking in and wondering who the heck Charley is since the crowd seem so invested). For them it's essentially Launch night, only they could perhaps more clearly work out what the crowd are chanting on the walk in vs the others trying to make it out in the background of Davina's crosses etc. Hmm interesting one.

At any rate, It'll be interesting to see if Charley can somehow manage to avoid being put up in the next few weeks, as it might seem that that she'd be a high chance of getting booted as soon as she is put up. As discussed on Big Mouth etc, she's driving a lot of the conflict in the house atm so taking her out might leave a bit of a void immediately after but otoh it could also start to become a bit stale if her journey in the house dosent evolve with some dynamic iykwim, just have to see how it goes.
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BBUK8 Week 3 Done:
  • The new guys get a special shopping task - perform the YMCA in full village people getup (which Dermot later cycles through on on ep of BBLB, haha). The Weekly shopping task is a ’swim the english channel (in the pool) with two watchers on in a boat keeping count - its something like 7000 something lengths of the pool. Gerry upsets Chanelle by insinuating she’s not putting the effort in. They manage to pass the task. Amanda gets to do the shopping list all by herself in the Diary room for swimming the furthest.
  • Nominations, Seany has been playing a lot of pranks lately, and might have gone a bit far/dosent know when to drop it, bit of a dumb move about Charley’s expensive boots having water in them/soggy tissues, right before nominations. Later he also gets on Gerry’s annoyed side by putting condoms on his teddy bear. and Carole and Jonathan have to break up him squirting sunscreen all over Charley.
  • Nicky also starts to get a bit of a perv vibe from Jonathan, but it seems that they sort out their differences a little later on how Jonathan feels she just blanks him and shuts off. It’s Carole, Jonathan and Seany up. Surprisingly Charley escapes noms yet again, but she wasn’t far off both her and Nicky were tied next in line iirc. I guess it also may have helped slightly that the 4 new guys didn’t get any first week grace this week and were nomination eligible.

  • Theres an ongoing storyline of if Ziggy and Chanelle’s showmance is genuine or not, The segment about it on On The Couch this week with Geoffrey was really interesting, analysing Ziggy and Chanelle’s reactions in the diary room whether theres something else going on behind it - to a gobsmacked Davina haha.
  • It will be interesting to see what happens from here, they had a bit of a break up then make up straightaway after it seems Ziggy starting to have a lot of paranoid self awareness of the age gap and also how the other housemates might be gossiping about them and also Billi and Chanelle’s friendship. It’s not been lost on Billi either, Thinking that Ziggy feels threatened by him and/or might be playing Chanelle for the sake of his game or perhaps getting back into the boy band thing once he’s out or something.

  • Which brings to the other big twist this week, there was a special where the nominees were told they had to choose one of the others to gift the 100K prize money to. They choose Liam, who gets a little emotional for a moment, and wanted to say that he didn’t want to come across as if he wasn’t well off and didn’t need the money. Jonathan later says in the Diary room he seems very level headed and not flashy, wanting to use some of it to help out his family (I was thinking thats nice but also… pre GFC median house prices I looked up from 2007 were like 170ishK!) But yeah its a nice amount for him.
  • The thing is, it brings an interesting dynamic into the works as intended, because the housemates now think the prize money is gone, when BB still has another 100K for the actual winner, but the Housemates don’t know. It already seemed as if Liam might be melting Nicky’s ice cold man hater heart (or they’re just good friends) but now, will it look like she’s just got the money in her eyes if she actually like likes him? Liam’s not dumb, he’s already mentioned in the diary room he can see it happening (Charley later admitted she was showing off in front of Liam just to put Nicky off - also this was a moment where Seany took the opportunity to push her in the pool and REALLY get her expensive boots wet) but He’s not really that interested in going there but also dosent want to put his foot in it and turn her down bluntly just at the moment kinda thing I think.
  • Carole continues having a bit of a strop, Jonathan inadvertently used her towel for the fridge stuff and she got upset, then she got the hump with Nicky and basically told her she’s wiping her hands with her and not talking to her over something or other. Later in the week though she seems to be regaining a bit of fun though and getting into mischief with Ziggy, they both get a lines writing punishment for writing messages to each other with some leftover chalk (it was maybe iirc either something about what someone was saying about him and Chanelle or maybe the money thing or something).

  • Big Mouth had Keith Lemon as host this week, guests included Shabnam and Jodie Marsh. I though Keith seemed familiar (its a character), its the same guy who has the other character ‘Avid Merrion’ that was on BBLB a few seasons ago, haha, I think some of his Bo Selecta celeb sendups made their way to Eyepiece (Like ‘Mel B’ and ‘Craig David’) and also there were some VT (stands for ‘VideoTape’ haha) of his character Bruce and Dickie a gay couple. He came in with an intro on a Segway with ‘Power Of Love’ from BTTF and his last episode finished with the audience in wigs and moustaches and dancing to ‘Footloose’.
  • They sent Shabnam for a day at a farm on BBLB, B Team was Nikki and Glyn out and about, Some other guests were Kim and Aggie from How Clean is your house again, and Ben and Lianne from a channel 4 survivor esque show ‘Shipwrecked’.
  • The eviction is a bit of a left field result, Seany leaves with around 44%. He kinda got emotional talking about some of the others like Laura wanting her to win, He thinks Gerry is a good kisser (they had a bit of a snog in truth or dare this week, but both said it was just a bit of fun and an outlet for them as the only two gays in the house atm). Billi seems to be having a moment after in the diary room.

  • I saw on the Sunday BBLB starting Week 4 that we now have context for our very own David and Tim from BBBA and at that time the Podcast doing the fan webcam cross with Dermot which I have seen before. I do remember him asking what you guys thought about Seany leaving now which I didn’t have background for before, and fun mention about how Gretel has full chit chats with the house and occasionally goes in. Haha. I wonder if they will have any more from Australia as the season goes on. Last time was somebody from Canada. Anyways, that’ll do for this week.

    Onto the next few episodes!
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BBUK8 Week 4 Done:
  • On The Couch was again pretty interesting this week, They did another in house experiment with them, last week it was the imaginary friends, this time it was choosing a special object, Ziggy chose a water bottle, upon which he didn’t physically have and Billi commented on as it being like he’s see through, meanwhile Billi drew a picture of Chanelle’s rabbit and paraded it around but instead talked about his sunglasses (inside).
  • They also discussed how the housemates are prepared pre show on how to manage their expectations of after show fame and also how they may be perceived on the show. Also how having a game plan can go sideways when met with the unpredictable makeup of the house.

  • The week started off with Ziggy and Chanelle deciding not to ‘break up’. The housemates had a ‘knobbly knees’ performance set by BB where they self selected how good each other were at performing. Seemed a bit whatever, but in actual fact it ended up being an elaborate self selection for a mini task - Brian and Charley get sent ‘on holiday’ to the Caravan, which is revealed to have been already there sitting behind that kinda garage door in the garden.
  • They have to stay there for the next little bit. However the task ends after a day or two as Brian drinks too much and ends up wetting himself and having to come inside to clean up. Charley is somewhat relieved as she was over it.

  • Brian also has a funny moment that is talked about all week on the spin offs, when talking with Liam and Nicky outside he dosent appear to know who Shakespeare is or Romeo and Juliet. Is he playing dumb.
  • Another task begins - Its a Sleep Deprivation task 60 hours, and only 3 hours allowable sleep time. By the second day, tensions are very high, as Ziggy has words with Tracey and Laura over wanting to quit. (Its also the twins birthday the next day so that factors into the debate). They hold a meeting later that night so as to not fall asleep too early and f up their schedules, and decide to quit. I think it may have been honestly set up to fail anyway, because what comes after. Also I think we did this task also in 2007 BBAU, but iirc the allowable sleep time was much higher, something like 24 hours or something collectively? I’d have to go and check, and the time might’ve been a little shorter, 60 hours is like 2 and a half days allowing 14 hms only 3 hours sleep is rough as.

  • BB confiscates all the food in the house as a result of failing the sleep task. The housemates dither on returning the food at first, and try to eat as much as they can before (It’s also seen as a bit rough by Big Mouth etc, as they won most of that food by passing last weeks task and now BB is just ripping it off them). The reason is, they are given ‘SLOP’ out of a can three times a day to eat for the rest of the week.
  • The twins are given a telepathy drawing task to win themselves a small birthday treat in the Entry hall room. They take Nicky and Liam, but upon discovering that most of the food on the table is - you guessed it - SLOP. they have a bit of a food fight.
  • Come to think of it, they haven’t been throwing parties for the birthdays this season (bar a few minor treats) so far compared to earlier seasons (maybe also theres been a few and close together already perhaps?). Charley’s is the day after this weeks eviction it looks like, we’ll see if they do anything much.

  • Nominations happen not long after the Sleep task started. Billi’s been pretty open and vocal with a few of them this week about people sucking up when noms roll around. He clashes with Charley several times this week, and cant help himself pretty much declaring he hopes she goes and that he nominated her when she starts goading him a little. The nominations are later announced, It was Billi, Carole, Tracey, Nicky and Charley up, but BB says that Billi and Charley’s noms will be voided, and reveals he noms as Billi, Carole and Tracey.
  • Charley keeps trying to work it out, and ends up having a bit of a shouting match with Ziggy and Chanelle over it. Later Billi and Charley are at it agin (Brian cant take it and even raises his voice trying to break them up) then BB calls them both to the diary room later on and sends them to ‘The Happy Room’ with bubbles and cushions and ‘happy and you know it’ playing. Surprisingly this seems to work and after they kinda become a little bit of Frenemies for the time being.

  • Carole begins to get a little suspicious of the camera turning towards her to get a reaction shot about Charley and Billi going to the room. She thinks Charley got off that punishment a little lightly. Billi would’ve rather it been him and Charley put up head to head.
  • Liam and Nicky continue to hang out, Charley tells Nicky that she overheard Liam in the truth spin the bottle game saying he didnt really fancy Nicky in that way but if had to say he would say the twins were attractive. Nicky isn’t fazed she says she already knows that, and Charley says (a bit like Billi and what Billi thinks Ziggy is gonna do once he gets out) don’t matter anyway they’ll get attention from so many guys from this once they get out.
  • Jonathan and Ziggy both have moments of seriously considering and expressing they want to walk. Jonathan announces it to the house, but after some thought and discussions the next morning decides to stay, as does Ziggy after telling and agreeing with Chanelle he’d probably regret it once he walked and is gonna stay.
  • The housemates make up a song to win a brekkie thats something other than SLOP. Apparently according to Dermot it was only ONE sausage. LOL. There was also a ‘nominations masterclass’ where the housemates had to put up a yes or no sign to if this quote was considered a rule breach. Like BB nonchalantly revealing to Charley that Billi called her a bitch by repeating his words to them both in the diary room earlier, there were some humorous airing of laundry here too. Nicky plays it down to most of this was said directly after noms so understand it in context lol.

  • BBLB had a few Aussies on this week as Guests, Jim Jefferies (who recently now hosts that 1% club game show on 7) was on and participated alongside Seany as judge of ‘BB Got Talent’, They also had Stephanie McIntosh from Neighbours (and also fresh off her album ‘Tightrope’ doing the Neighbours to Pop Star’ thing the year before) trying some SLOP and also talking about AusBB vs UK. They had Seany dress up as a Clown and prank Nikki on B Team out reporting on the street, and F&F/Davina segment on the Friday was Dermott with them in a stand up ‘Bed’. lol
  • Russell Kane was this weeks Big Mouth host, He was pretty good at it I thought. One ep they had the front row of audience were all sets of twins. Next week is John McCririck apparently, that’ll be wild Im guessing haha.
  • Eviction, Billi is out with 55%. Bit of a bummer (Silli public lol), as he had a bit more in the tank I thought (maybe continuation of team up with Charley?), but what I’m guessing may happen is Laura might continue to pick up where he left off at least where being aware kinda thing of if Ziggy is game playing is concerned. Apparently he said Seany’s eviction hit him hard and his game plan to not make waves kindof went by the wayside and he decided to sortof lay it all out, although he may have played his hand a little prematurely and came out on the bad end but thats how it went. Anyways we shall see how the Dynamics shift now.

    Onto the next few episodes!
I quite enjoyed Big Brother On the Couch. It worked better than Big Brain IMO and suited Davina more than her later stints on Big Mouth. It was nice to have a calmer companion show.
I quite enjoyed Big Brother On the Couch. It worked better than Big Brain IMO and suited Davina more than her later stints on Big Mouth. It was nice to have a calmer companion show.
IMO I think the longer runtime compared to Big Brain is at times perhaps to OTC's benefit, allows it some room to sit with and explore different topics a little more deeper IYKWIM (the first week iirc had a bit more of a week catchup perhaps to fill in time but as Davina said in Week 5 ep I just watched this weeks recap was only about 2 minutes long and they had about 3 or 4 other complete distinct segments to discuss this week) and Davina is really enthused with it all as well picking up the lingo haha.

Part of the story is of course whats going on in the house or what issues and behaviour this group is exhibiting as the series goes on, but even where they've attempted to probe them a little and run some in house experiments or pointed diary room questioning and analysed in a bit more detail etc has been pretty interesting.

Whereas I feel with Big Brain perhaps due to it only being a 22 minute show and time constraints, often they would rely on the pre-show testing and use it as a 'Guess which housemate drew this picture, after the break, apparently this may show that Housemate A is blah blah... wow' and move on to the 2nd half topic, which would sometimes be rushed at the end to wrap up. They did have that self rank mini task towards the latter half of BB7 though which inserted it into the house itself a little bit though as well.
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Brian also has a funny moment that is talked about all week on the spin offs, when talking with Liam and Nicky outside he dosent appear to know who Shakespeare is or Romeo and Juliet. Is he playing dumb.

I find it INCREDILBY unlikely that a 19 year old in this country wouldn't know who William Shakespeare is. Taking out of the equation that Shakespeare is an institution here, Brian went to a good school in Essex, and then studied film/ media production at college. I'd find it incredibly unlikely that his education failed him on such a level that he hadn't even heard of him or one of his most famous plays.

I thought that Brian was a good housemate, but there were absolutely moments across the series where he worked hard to secure his Jade Goody stupidity moment.
BBUK8 Week 5 Done:
  • On The Couch Topics inclused an analysis of leadership jostling between Jonathan, Gerry and Ziggy in the diary room, The Nominations process pre- during and post on the housemates, Involving Projection and Defensive reasoning when nominating, an experiment on storytelling, and what is a genuine expression of thinking about walking or doing it to get attention.
  • John McCririck was the host of Big Mouth this week, alongside co host Booby and Copper the dog lol. Booby went off on vox pop segments including a bunch of Goths, a Male Strip club, a wrestlers club and the eviction crowd.Billi was on as a guest and also Kenzie from CBB3 and Jim Jefferies.
  • BBLB had Billi doing a bit too - they sent him off to try out some suplexes and throws with some wrestlers, he did his own picks of this week’s Seven sins task. Also pointed out his cameo in Jamelia’s ‘Beware of the Dog’ music video. The F&F pleas segment was them jumping out of Caroles’ ‘Sin Bins’ this week.
  • The Mug competition finally ends next week, they also had a couple guests from Hollyoaks and Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten. The Insider was back teasing the twist involving ‘Australia’ after the eviction (complete with Dermot being a bit cringe bringing out a didgeridoo and not playing it well, handing it to the Insider).

  • The week in the house began with BB having the House do a bit of aerobics class. The housemates choose between a basic hamper and party for Charley’s BDay, and a premium hamper but no party. They reckon they wont eat all the food anyway, so Party it is. No Surprises Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ is played at the party, such a big hit that year.
  • The shopping task is based around ‘Seven deadly sins’ Carole is the first to the diary room and gets to choose one housemate to align with each of the sins. They will each get an individual task and 4/7 have to pass to pass the entire task.
  • Jonathan gets some news mid week that his over 100 year old grandmother passed away. He makes the decision to walk to support his family. before he goes though, the boys manage to secure some alcohol from BB in the diary room, sneaking Jonathan in on his last night to enjoy it together. He leaves the next day and has a brief appearance live on BBLB on the Thursday episode.
  • Laura is starting to get bored/fed up with things and clashing with a few of them, With Carole, with Gerry over sleep, Inferring to Chanelle she must be stupid if she thinks Ziggy isn’t just going to up and leave her on the outside or along those those lines. She also catches her self saying ‘poof’ casually in conversation with and in front of Gerry. Now this isn’t as loaded as the big one earlier in the series I guess but just in case anyone watching will be offended, BB gives her a talking to later if that may come off as potentially homophobic. Cracks are again beginning to show between Chanelle and Ziggy, they have a bit of a disagreement about moving the bed so Chanelle can access the drawers.

  • Over the couple days of the task, the individual tasks are spaced out a little. Amanda gets Pride, has to wear a Hot Dog costume all the time and avoid looking in the mirror, Ziggy gets Gluttony and has to spend a couple hours in the entry room not eating any of the food there. Charley with Wrath must not raise her voice or get into any arguments, and keep swearing to a minimum, except for when she’s in the diary room. She goes and sits in the bedroom to get away from the twin’s singing at one point.
  • Tracey has Greed, She has to turn down all of BB’s ever increasing offers of stuff including extra nominations points and a 1998 family sized car. Liam has to dress up in a ‘Lustful’ leather outfit (which catches Gerry’s eye) and later keep his heart rate down as BB gives him a sexy phone call and suggestive talking in the diary room. Nicky with Envy has to dress in a green leotard and spend time in the ‘Envy room’ which is plastered with photos of herself and a video playing of her time in the house. She then had to name 30 of her best qualities.
  • Finally Laura gets Sloth and has to run 475 laps in the garden for the ‘Sloth Marathon’ she completes it and they play Chariots of Fire for a victory lap.
  • The results of the task are in, The housemates pass, but bummer for Charley as she allowed herself to get drawn into a heated argument earlier in the week between herself, Laura, Ziggy and Chanelle, she is banished to the ’Sin Bin’ in the entry hall whilst the others get a party for passing the task, dressing in ‘sinful’ outfits with ‘It’s A Sin’ playing and a chocolate fountain. She aint happy. Before that she was having a whinge about being the only one that failed her task and that Ziggy's silly argument tipped it or something and Liam piped up a bit to try and reason with her.
  • Later Gerry and Charley clash when Gerry calls her a snake for attempting to tell Chanelle not to get upset over another disagreement she and Ziggy were having, kindof as if she's being two faced towards her or something like that perhaps.

  • Nominations are announced. There were a lot on 3 iirc including Ziggy, and Charley (escaped noms AGAIN) but its Chanelle and Laura up on 5 each. The others are given a mini task to work in pairs to do banners of support for either of them. Charley uses some of the leftover paint and gets Carole to help her paint an outfit of black and yellow over her nude upper half with yellow feathers on her nipples.
  • BB reopens the caravan, which I guess will now become like the ‘Gossip spot’ like the loft was in BB6. Also of note the smoking spot mustve been planned in advance, as Dermot mentions on the Sunday BBLB that Indoor smoking bans law came into effect 1st July 2007. I also vaguely remember this cause looking it up I think Australia did it too on the same day.
  • Nicky gets told to wear her microphone even though she was standing over the bathtub washing her clothes, theres a hanging microphone there and she was trying to not to get it wet or smack against the bathtub, putting it in the space provided, although she’s not actually inside the tub. She huffs a bit about it, ends up marching back into the diary room with the rule book and then the BB at the time asks her to sit down and just randomly asks her about her day and the mood of the house. LOL I think she had a bit of a point there, like the pot pie in the camera lenses thing a couple weeks back. Could’ve been a slightly slow news day or just winding her up a bit, because it certainly got her in a bit of a humpf and a reaction.
  • Brian and Gerry win some drinks for the others by doing an A-Z of animal sounds together in the diary room.

  • The Eviction is Laura out with about 68?% iirc of the vote. It would have been also interesting for Chanelle to go, if to see what Ziggy would do. It’s again a little bit hot and cold between those two. Ziggy again mentioned thinking of leaving during the week but again seeming to calm down, and also openly expressing to Gerry that he wouldn’t mind if Chanelle left because the showmance is doing his head in and he feels like it would be a fresh start, OR perhaps see what things are like once they are out? But otoh once she was actually up for eviction he didn’t want her to go.
  • Anyways Laura was wanting to go, She was a bit of a fave to win in the betting odds early on, but has really dropped. Also that continuation of Billi’s ‘Wangers’ group thing to rival Ziggy et al with Laura only went a week more, although there are other dynamics shifting also. Like Nicky talking about Liam is with the girls, If the Twins are really that naive, What Charley is doing in perhaps sucking up before noms, etc all being raised.

  • The twist is that the housemates are shown an ‘Australian BB’ housemate ‘Pauline’ getting told she is evicted and will be heading to the UK House. What they don’t know is that she’s actually an English Actress named Tylah? and she is working for big brother as part of this week’s ‘Fake’ week, which will apparently culminate in a fake eviction at the end of Week 6 (like last season!) where one housemate will have their eviction interview played to the others before returning to the house? hmm It’ll be interesting to see how they play out the logistics of that.
  • I did know about this Fake Aus Housemate twist but just vaguely as it was mentioned in the phone call coming later, But I didn’t know further details. Although I think and IIRC Brian had seen the first little bit of BBAU7 before he went into lockdown, so unless he couldn’t see it that well, surely he might recognise the mockup of the BBAU7 Diary room, at least the right design and colours (sortof) seemed a little… off?
  • I have some thoughts about how they potentially could’ve bumped up the twist a little further, but we’ll see how the rest of it plays out and I’ll leave those comments for Week 6’s recap/update I think. Her accent was ok, but there were some moments where it may sound a little overdone haha. Will be interesting.

    Onto the next few episodes!
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You're reminding us how unremarkable BB8 was. Remember those few hours though between BBLB showing the "Aussie" diary room on screen and the twist being confirmed - was a fun evening on here.
BBUK8 Week 6 Done (Part 1 I had a few thoughts on this one haha):
  • On The Couch: Topics this week were Charley’s nice and angry sides, Paperclip uses experiment, Types of Anger, Hostile, Repressed, Instrumental and Controlled, Ziggy and Chanelle, Judy James and Grace (BB7) were on with amusingly similar fringes hairdo’s to discuss ‘Chiggy’.
  • Gerry gets a bit of a patchy haircut from Nicky but it’s not too bad and will quickly grow out to touch it up. Chanelle and Ziggy are still having pow wows and its awkward when they are having it out in the bedroom and one of the twins keeps walking in to check something with them about what Carole is making for dinner or something. They appear to be proper splits again for good and moving beds but during the week they still have a few moments of canoodling, but also some bickering (About Ziggy saying Chanelle was prudish and what he meant by that or something) BBLB even has a light switch on the current state of their on/off again relations.
  • ‘Pauline’ (Thaila) arrives in the house, as the housemates are played footage of Laura from the Aussie BB Diary room studio). It’s revealed on BBLB before Thaila went in, that she hasn’t seen any of the AU BB, has never been to Australia, and the only real prep she’s had for the role is some vocal coaching for the accent and some brief Australian trivia finding. She also kinda reminds me a little bit looks wise of Meghan Markle perhaps?

  • in addition to the Fake Housemate and the Fake eviction at the end of the week, there are several other ‘Fake’ tasks, such as later in the week being part of a fake ‘Warmth not Waste’ global initiative singing a song ‘Piece of Peace’ and recording messages in different languages in the Diary room, but really they’re saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about/that its fake when it’s translated. Also BB setting some punishments for rule breaks that never happened in the vestibule area such as threading corn back on a cob, or cutting grass on the floor. There’s even a fake flyover later in the week with a Banner ‘There is another house’.
  • They also are given a 50/50 guess of what ‘Australian delicacy’ it is in the diary room, but really its everyday average food Items. Meanwhile BB whilst Thaila is in the Diary room. and her ‘private quarters’ (Behind the storeroom) gives her some stage directions such as calling Brian ‘Ryan’, telling stories, saying she has a gift for reading dinner plates, running a mediation session with spirit animals such as the 3 tailed monkeyfish or whatever.

  • Following on from the YMCA one a few weeks back, the housemates get set a task to perform Kylie Minogue’s Cant Get You Outta My Head in full video getup with the white suits. Gerry gets a bit annoyed that they aren’t staying true to the actual choreography when Carole tells him they are putting their own take on it, but kinda hilariously later when the actual performance goes, he goes off script and kinda does his own thing in parts trying to upstage Charley as the ‘main Kylie’ while the others look on like ok Gerry whatever lol.
  • Theres also a send up of ‘Neighbours’ they perform called ‘Housemates’ Charley plays the Dog in a suit, while Thaila is ‘Kylene’ in a wig.
  • It’s Brian’s Birthday and BB reveals to him in the Diary room that Pauline is fake but he must keep it a secret to win a party later on for himself. The ending of the Pauline twist kinda flips it again, as to pass the shopping task, unknowingly to them, its another self rank task like Chantelle was, only this one is ‘Least to Most Fake’ Thaila ends up third last but then Brian steps in and Thaila agrees to stand at most fake. After BB calls her to the Diary room, They are told about the whole thing and that placing her most fake (and successfully sussing her out I guess in a way?) actually passed the task.
BBUK8 Week 6 Done (Part 2):

  • This brings me back to my initial thoughts how they could have perhaps gone the extra mile to really make the task believable by perhaps having BBAU be in on it as well by sending her over here to pull a similar prank, thereby getting some actual footage of her in the Aussie house (although that may have also clashed with hearing but not seeing the housemates in the phone call later but audience wouldn’t have been aware of that at that point):
    - or even just in the actual BBAU diary room or being interviewed by Gretel or something (besides their mock up of our DR chair (which kinda reminded me a little of the footage they knocked together for ’House 2’ prank on the HM’s in BBAU9 (2012) haha). Even having the actual Aus BB voice (although the guy that actually did it sounded somewhat Aussie but also similar to the regular UK male voices at the same time? I dunno).
  • BUT otoh that also may have made it just a bit too real (and especially for Brian having actually seen bits of BBAU7), and it is supposed to be ‘fake week’ seeing if they could fool the housemates by doing the bare minimum I guess. Also it upped the difficulty and challenge level for Thaila to pull off in a way because she wasn’t overly prepared and could have slipped up, not been able to hold the accent, etc. So I could understand the reasoning line of thought behind playing it out that way. it was interesting.

  • Nominations are Charley and Nicky. They start over-speculating again and get their suitcases confiscated for nominations talk, meaning some basic outfits are given to them and Charley is dressed in just some short short pants and a jacket ensemble for the fake eviction.
  • Gerry and Liam were having a bit of an interesting discussion about PC and offensive words and bullying etc.
  • BBLB this week had a bit or two about having their own caravan outside the house, Seany was the webcam guest for the ‘Ask Laura’ segment, and Dermot had a few dress ups again this week, a Kylie intro, and a Kangaroo suit for visiting Davina and having the F&F pleas from his ‘pouch’ LOL. They discussed on BBLB and Big Mouth whether it might be more interesting for Nicky to be the fake evictee if she might have a different reaction to the revelations than Charley might be a bit predictable. For the B-Team they sent Nikki to Brian’s hometown, Glyn to a miss Wales comp and Spiral to the o2 Arena where they had a ‘Fake Beach’ thing going on.
  • Big Mouth Hosts this week were Dan Wright and Steve Marsh apparently they did some kind of kids show and are a comedy duo. They had a couple audience dress ups in fake beards, Australian get ups, and raver outfits ala Tracey. Guests included Laura, Pat Sharp. One of their recurring skits were a security guide with a safe of hm confiscated items, and also members of the audience after the break announcing themselves that are ‘the opposite of (housemate)’. The outro dance was East 17 House of Love. Apparently I think they mentioned Thaila might be the host next week?

  • The Fake Eviction was interesting. It’s Charley who is evicted, walking outside to a silent crowd who are only waving ‘This isnt an Audience’ signs. Charley is quickly whisked off to the Interview studio and Davina has a strict script to stick to, It’s as if Charley has just come to the Diary room for a chat with Big Brother in a way, Davina’s questions and throws to footage are framed as being from Big Brother’s behalf. Charley (and by this point also the house watching on) are only shown who nominated charley, and some footage and Charley’s response to her angry and softer sides.
  • Then It’s revealed Charley is returning and she’s walked back through past the BBLB set out the back and back into the house. I was kinda puzzled though why the crowd was as usual on the re entry though and only silenced on the exit. It’s talked about on Big Mouth when Charley gets back in though because its the part that the others in the house didn’t see - she seems to try a little to play it like the crowd loves her perhaps to intimidate the others to quit nominating her as hard? although the next day the housemates overhear some shouting outside the house - the Get Charley out and also that they’re Tracey or Brian fans or something. Even though thats only a few voices, it still plays with their perceptions as if thats the only/prevailing opinion of them out there at the same time kinda thing IYKWIM.

  • This whole thing appears to have started to play on Ziggy and Chanelle further too - Ziggy appears to be having a bit of a paranoid moment reviewing how he might be seen after watching himself nominating Charley and stuff, and Chanelle is now even further paranoid about Ziggy ‘having a drink with’ and getting on with Charley.
  • Anyways and so we go into Week 7. Theres another musical Aerobics class to start the week, and Carole and the Twins appear to be pranking the boys hiding shoes and getting BB to call the guys to the Diary room and stuff.

    Onto the next few episodes!
Side note; availability of a couple episodes here and there has been spotty lately, been able to navigate around and find some alts on other playlists etc but its not too bad, the ones I cant atm though, Can at least get the gist from repeated scenes and such in some of the other episodes.

As far as streamlining the watch a bit more as well I've got a little bit of a schedule going of rearranging the eps in a list and I make notes and time stamps of where im up to if Im watching partials/intros/ first halves of the spin offs as I go.

Or lately I'm moving through the dailies after starting the week with the rest of the Sunday daily, and watching mostly all On The Couch with minimal skimming, then working my way back through the group of BBLB and Big Mouth (BM skimmable sometimes depending on the guests or if the topics/audience/callers start to rehash a little) up to the friday set along with the eviction, and the first bit that covers friday of the following sunday Daily and also Diary room uncuts which are pretty skimmable they do tend to contain a bit of fluff a lot of the time IMO.

At least that way I'm still doing the bulk (the Dailies/eviction are the ones I hardly skim bits except the scene change transitions and stuff because thats kinda like the 'core' show that some scenes are then drawn from and repeated for the spin offs) and still watching the spin offs but it not dragging as much getting through it a little quicker whilst still getting the gist but not rushing through too much at the same time IYKWIM.

These are also the seasons that are the longest and from my estimate just glancing at episode lists have more spin offs so it should get a bit easier again after this one and the next few. Anyways I'm doing well flowing through it.

Also Side note #2: These musical tasks lately I had a thought maybe the next one if they did in Week 7 could be like Northern Line plus an extra, vs Spice Girls (+some extras) or something haha kinda similar to Jackson 5 and Steps in CBB5. Ziggy could lead the boys (and Gerry be 'the one you may not know is gay' ala Lance Bass or whatever? perhaps haha), and I was imagining for Spice Girls Posh=Chanelle (duh!) Scary=Charley Sporty=Nicky Baby=One or both the twins Ginger=Amanda or Tracey perhaps or Tracey and Carole could be extras like 'Raver spice' or Carole was doing some rapping in a random Diary Room Uncut scene this week haha. Task department 2007 need any ideas? lol.
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BBUK8 Week 7 Done:
  • On The Couch: Topics included lying psychology, Coping mechanisms (regression, Passive Aggression etc). Experiment was ingnoring Brian, Chanelle, and Nicky each for 15 minutes in the diary room to see what they do; and also discussing the effects of the fake eviction and Charley’s new ‘popularity’ status.
  • BBLB: Sunday saw a bit of footage from BBAU7 They showed a bit of FNL, Mikes 30 second news and stuff from uplate and the ‘youre not nominating properly’ side of BBAU BB’s voice haha.
    and a webcam cross to Mike Goldman! Now I think about it Uplate was kinda the BBLB equivalent sometimes having guests and 30 second BBnews updates and whatnot. ( I tracked down and watched a bit of that following Uplate episode Mike was about to go and host, He had Bree on too).
  • Dermot had quite a few dress up moments this week too from visiting Davina dressed as a Clown and Visiting Big Mouth host Thaila dressed as Big Brother’s Birthday present in a big box. They also had a bit where Bianca Gascoine had to guess which housemate had with party costume, and a few other similar segments. B-Team had Niki visiting Liam’s Tree Surgeon workmates, Glyn shopping for a date for Brian, and Shahbaz visiting an indoor ski place.
  • Big Mouth was hosted by Thaila (Pauline), Some of the Guests included Dane Bowers, Junior Simpson, Darren Lyons, Steve Strange, and Lucy Benjamin. Shabnam was a phone in.

  • BB sets the time on the oven clock this week for some reason, so the housemates now know what time it is, this causes a bit of friction between Nicky and Gerry going on about it or something and being irritating.
  • Nominations seem to take place a day earlier this week - the boys come up with a gag to do NAKED Noms, each covering up with one of the stuffed animals lol. Chanelle and Ziggy each get the punishment of only one nomination each for discussing if they wouldnt nominate each other. Chanelle uses hers for Charley but She manages to escape nominations again this week which is a bit of a surprise. It’s Gerry and Nicky up.
  • Shopping task is Big Brothers Birthday party (July 18, as in the date BB1 started). They have to choose 5 to attend the party. Chanelle wonders if there’s a special guest like the Spice Girls reforming (not just yet Chanelle, although they do come back with that Greatest Hits Album and new songs later that year). They pick Nicky, Ziggy, Gerry and the twins.
  • The rest will have ‘entertainer’ roles and get practice time in the ‘Practice room’ behind the Diary room. The party room is adjacent to that (where Tailah’s private quarters are behind the storeroom). Charley at first kicks up a stink at getting relegated to being a Clown with Tracey.
  • Brian goes for the mid-season haircut makeover moment. He is the ‘one man band’ for the party, learning ‘Shaddap Your face’ Channelle has a go of the guitar, singing a bit of Kum Bah Yah and Victoria Beckham’s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. She is the Magician’s (Liam) assistant.
  • Carole is a face painter. BB wakes the housemates by singing Happy Birthday to himself as the alarm. The Party starts, and the partygoers start to get weary as BB wants to play them ‘Agadoo’ over and over for a bit. The entertainers all come in and do their thing they pass with only two fails the clowns and Brian.

  • Although in between Charley and Brian have a shouting match after having a disagreement talking about Emily or something. Earlier there was some fun and games late night that Carole was involved in, but next day her and Ziggy get a bit heated over Ziggy and the Twins mucking around. Later When the Twins take Gerry’s Freddie doll for a run, theres a bit of a thing between Amanda, Tracey and Gerry about the use of the word ‘Spiteful’. The Twins are starting to get in the middle of some of these arguments.
  • BB locks the housemates in the bedroom whilst his party continues with some music and party sounds a little more into the night. The day after the housemates discover theres a bit of a mess all around and BB is hungover, only the partygoers are allowed to clean up, and Carole has to wear boxing gloves until further notice to prevent her from helping. She later threads a needle with them to take them off.
  • Chanelle and Ziggy also have a big shouting match mid week, but by the end of the week they seem to be back on again. BB plays them questions they asked themselves before they entered the house. Ziggy is embarrassed by his ‘Do you thinjk she enjoyed it as much as you did?’ LOL.

  • Some more shouting is heard over the wall. Get Charley out and also Ziggy gets a shout out. Nicky gets a secret task to do a 2 minute stand up routine to the others. Gerry gets a quiz with questions ranging from about ‘Grease’ the musical, or things on a tangent to Greece. Charley reckons she’s wrote a diary that could be turned into a book. It’s also Liam’s Birthday, I recall Harry Potter 7 came out right about this time and was a big thing (Davina had a throwaway line before the eviction) and earlier his F & F mentioned he was a bit of a fan. Could be fun for a party idea perhaps?
  • The Eviction is Nicky out. She gets a bit fixated on the part she jokingly mouthed ‘Marry Me’ about Liam to one of the girls. But She loosens up a bit during the interview. Sounds like something twisty might be happening again next week.

    Onto the next few episodes!
BBUK8 Week 8 Done:
  • On The Couch had Ziggy and Charley staring at each other and then trying it with Ziggy and Chanelle, Types of Arguing including Cohesive, Manipulative and Intrinsic which is what Charley does a lot of just for the sake it. They also had Housemates tell a story using Hand Puppets of the other HM’s, and discussing how them watching themselves on TV during Charley’s fake eviction bringsthinking about perceptions of themselves up out of the subconcious for a bit, BB will keep that a little fresh in the coming week with some more metered info from the outside in the form of news bulletins and messages from home. An aspect of this is also discussed on Big Mouth where some of them are a bit media savvy and such.
  • Liam gets a pool table in the lounge and some music for his BDay party. Gerry has some more self reflective moments whether he was seen as boring next to Nicky, and also when the messages from home start and he is yet to get one, wondering who it will be from, talking about his family and what he might do after BB etc.

  • So this weeks task is all about ‘BBTV’ theres a daily news bulletin done by the Housemates in pairs read off an autocue from the room behind the Diary room and played on the monitors. Which includes some general topic news such as Rihanna’s Umbrella still at #1 and David Beckhams first LA Galaxy game, and some messages from home. Rihanna’s age starts a massive kick off between Charley and Channelle over the way Charley was speaking to her. Chanelle loses the plot a bit and ‘slut’ is thrown around, before Chanelle offers a half hearted truce apology later on.
  • Chanelle’s dummy spit continues the next day though, as the next part of the task is a BBTalent show. They all get different roles Gerry is the producer, Amanda is the runner, Charley is the host, Sam is nice judge and Tracey is mean judge. The others are contestants and Chanelle is asked to play the violin (she put it as her talent on application). She dosent want to do it in front of people and threatens to walk. Eventually the others talk her down though, and they kinda go soft on her rigging her to win it.
  • What the housemates dont know is they must all score above 25 pts collectively (Tracey and Sam each give out of 5) to pass that part of the task. They do it with like 28 pts. Carole performed ‘Stairway To Heaven’, Liam ‘The Entertainer’ on keyboard, Brian ‘Fit But You Know It’, and Ziggy ‘Love On The Northern Line’ as the other performances.

  • That is on the TV Show Set in the room behind the storeroom. They also play some other game shows there in teams during the week such as a Family Feud style survey show of answers given by the eviction audience (BB’s very very very very very…. Quiz), and one answering questions about footage from a visit to Brian and Carole’s homes (‘Behind Closed Doors’ a bit like that ‘Through The Cat Flap’ segment from BBLB last season). They failed to get 8 points from that so incurred a fail. Theyre allowed 3.
  • Liam hosts a mini obstacle course game show out in the garden where they have brought in Ziggy’s Dog Molly for a bit to perform the course. Charley also discusses her confusion over the news her cousin has gone from playing for Manchester to Sunderland.
  • Funny scene between Brian and Gerry this week discussing Madonna’s dance moves from Jump, and Sorry etc.
  • Nominations are Charley and Tracey with 6 points each. They are read out as part of the next news bulletin. Chanelle decides to stay. The Housemates pass the entire task (also read out as part of the last news story). The Prize Money twist is also revealed to them, however it dosent elicit much shock from them (to Dermot’s bewilderment on BBLB haha). I’d say its because of the reveal from Davina and The BB Insider that some new arrivals are coming after the eviction.

  • Carole gets annoyed with Charley and Gerry over who does the Hoovering. Later Ziggy overhears Carole appearing to let Charley slide with comments about not pulling her weight and treating it as a holiday or something along those lines and confronts her over it. They later smooth it over a little again, but not before Carole also does a bit of a repeat of cutting Nicky off by telling Chanelle she dosent want to speak to her at the moment and will avoid her whenever she enters the room for now or something. Brian and Charley have a bit of a back and forth over words, meanwhile while everyone is out of the bedroom later Ziggy and Chanelle appear to be getting up to some doona dancing. Condoms are mentioned during the shopping list by Chanelle the next day. hmm.
  • Also from the previous shopping list, Amanda added pink hair dye at BB’s help which Tracey uses to re do her hair. The HM’s play ‘guess the noise’ in the diary room, a bit humorous as Brian is played Liam farting and Charley gets to hear Ziggy and Chanelle macking on over and over a couple times. They win some individualised toilet paper rolls with their faces printed on them.

  • And so we get up to the Fish Phone ringing… The Phone call cross to BBAU7! That’s right Charley was still there I was fuzzy on whether she was or not so I thought she mightve been up last week but no) I remembered Brian and the Twins talking to them mainly and I think Ziggy in the background watching on but yeah It was Liam telling them about Pauline, and I remembered Carole hopping on for a moment too. Also a side note I was reminded of from a couple weeks back - I think Brian was sporting an MLS. t-shirt perhaps? Haha.
  • Big Mouth was hosted by Peaches Geldof this week, some of the guests included Nicky, Billi was back. They also had one of the guys from Toploader (‘Dancing in the Moonlight’) on.
  • BBLB made use of Nicky this week, sending her to a Hot Sauce farm with Nikki BB7 in tow, also lifting her as part of a segment on fitness uses in the house with Simon Waterson. Spiral on B Team went to a BB Diary room exhibit at Madame Tassauds wax museum, and also T4 on the beach 2007, for Nicky’s audience question (included 2007 era Calvin Harris asking her about her favourite kind of potato! lol). Glyn went on the set of Hollyoaks and met Mercedes actress that Brian raves about haha. Dermot was in a squirrel suit for the chat with Liam’s mates and in drag as a fortune teller with Davina and the eviction F&F segment. Tim Vine did a bit of stand up and Iain Lee Vs the Audience in the quiz.
  • Davina mentions only 5 of the 6 new hm’s will go in as one guy pulled out after the ‘talk of doom’ chat as aforementioned last check if they want to go in or not. Wonder if there’ll be any BTS scoop out there after I’m done on if it was ever revealed who the extra potential was.

  • The eviction is non-surprisingly, Charley with around 85% of the vote iirc. The newbies all enter together afterwards to the ‘Halfway House’ which is the room behind the storeroom, which now has some extra rooms (shower and kitchenette) and a yard connected to it. One of them is called to the Diary room and played to the others (this time unlike last season, its all out in the open new people are next door and they know about it having some short shouting through the storeroom door). They way they’re doing it this time is they will each get a bit of time in the house and the housemates will then decide on two of them to become full HM’s.
  • Scottish Guy David is first. Neither here nor there, but after a few of the conversations and a little package on Big Mouth, still unclear what area of the fence he plays for IYKWIM, but then Peaches helpfully mentioned that he’s apparently Bi, so ok then. I have some initial thoughts on the others but I might leave a bit more of that for next update. I’d guess on first few bits though Maybe David and Amy is who they might pick. Maybe they might do 2 at a time next, we’ll see how that all plays out as apparently the votes on the Monday so yeah.

    Onto the next few episodes!