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Australian Survivor Ratings


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Why people still watch The Block is beyond me, it's the same boring renovation stuff every season, haven't they yet run out of old apartment blocks in Melbourne to redo?
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Tuesday: 804,000

Last night's ep was again above 800k, so that's three times this season to have broken this mark (others being Monday night and the launch). The only other two occasions it has gone over 800k were the finales of 2016 and 2018.

Won the demos last night as well, despite trailing The Block by about 80,000 viewers.


Dennis Haikalis

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Also an interesting thing to note, the merge episode go this season rose from 793,000 to 912,000 viewers! Making it the highest rating regular episode of survivor to date! And was also only 6,000 behind the consolidated total for that particular episode of the block.


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Tuesday: 808,000

I reckon it could easily break 900k for the finale on Sunday week. Way back at the start of this thread I boldly predicted it could hit 1m in the overnights at some stage in that season lol. Still, it's screaming ahead of previous seasons now. Pity they need to have the gimmicks of pseudo-celebs (and next, All Stars) to get eyeballs though.



So where did Survivor viewers go????

Seems most went to watch Hippo documentary like me, 445,000 plus, quite fascinating, stuff I never knew
Some appear to have bumped up the stinky Block

And possibly like me, did some baking later


aren't hippos one of the biggest killers of humans?

i watched original law and order.

"You're charging a hippo with murder, McCoy?"

"He ate three people at central park, including the mayor."

"You have no evidence."

"We have at least a hundred eye witnesses, not to mention the hippo prints."