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Australian Survivor Ratings


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Last night's ratings:
Survivor beat Dance Boss, in 2nd place, behind the Block.
The Block - 910,000 viewers
Survivor - 610,000 viewers
Dance Boss - 573,000 viewers.
One safe prediction - Seven will be shifting Dance Boss out of that 7.30 slot very soon...........I had a look at it briefly last night, it's a turkey, Danni must have been paid a lot of money to do the hosting gig


It's quite absurd that only slightly more people watch Survivor than Dance Boss. I did watch it (recorded, so they wouldn't get my ratings anyway) and it's a barely passable filler while you're doing something else, but people should be watching Survivor, really.


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The good thing is its crushing Dance Boss on Seven which got 481k last night and it's also much closer in the demos with The Block this season, which is down about 10% from last season. I think Ten would be happy with how Survivor is performing.
Yeah I'm pretty sure they'll be happy it is holding last year's audience and may yet build on it.

Nice to see The Block under 1,000,000 too.


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I reckon Ten would be quite happy with the ratings, and the demo figures too.
Dance Boss is the flop, another Channel 7 flop............I doubt we'll see that one again anytime soon in 2019
Speaking of Seven flops, I saw a promo for Restaurant Revolution on ABC Australia (formerly Australia Network/Australia Plus) today. It starts this weekend lol.


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The annoying thing with ratings is a fantastically produced brilliant to watch series of Australian Survivor is only getting the same kind of ratings the poorly produced poorly cast difficult to watch Nine era of Big Brother was.
Only the last season on Nine rated on par with Survivor. The first two Nine seasons had a much higher average with 1.04 and 0.89k respectively.

There has always been much more interest in Big Brother than Survivor in this country. The US version peaked at around 1m here.