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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 7 Discussion

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...I just saw an Ad for tomorrow night's show... apparently the Commando is in tears... no idea as to why though... cheers.


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I will investigate.
Benjamin Wilson has one (not five) out of print Kindle book on procrastination, and a bunch of Udemy courses (his main one ironically on how to be a Instagram famewhore) which everyone knows no one ever pays any money for. In other words, it's quite likely this self-made millionaire stuff is the stuff of LIES and he's actually a champion of nothing except having rich parents.

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Why are they talking Tegan up as a QUEEN and some fantastic blindside? Before tonight she was still one of the invisibles.
And how was Paige on the bottom and in a hopeless position and now she's suddenly perfectly fine?

Before I think Tegan was described as being in some kind of middle group with a couple of others.

This was the first time we had some grinning confident confessionals from someone (Benji) and they actually got their way at the tribal, not sure how popular that makes him with the audience.


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Was that tribal council the first time Shonee has actually spoken...or that episode her first confessional? How did she even get picked for this game? How gullible can you get? Its obvious that the target will be on Zach so of course the guys find the most useless brainless sheep in the tribe and tell them a blatant lie and of course they fall for it.