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Episode Australian Survivor (2018) - Episode 7 Discussion


Australian Survivor- Best Survivor Ever
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I’m listening to podcasts to catch up! I have to find a place to watch the episodes. I forgot how many there are in Australian Survivor.

Without knowing anything I’m going for the Olympic swimmer lady because she’s a superstar if even I vaguely recognized her name.


This series is sucking.......all the good females are disappearing. My faves were, Moana, Tegan, Jenna, all gone....and Lydia and Sharn are all I have left, and Shane is ok
All the contenders suck except Heath and Robbie

The foolish females voting with the meatheads can die now for all I care, Tegan should have a chance of changing tribes


I'm loving it! I still have Samuel who may be my favourite Aussie contestant ever.
Liking Heath and Robbie (though I wish they'd work together against Benji and Zach - please let this happen), the Commando, Sharn and bonkers Shane.
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