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Episode Australian Survivor (2016) - Episode 12 Discussion


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Maybe someone is leaving either voluntarily or from injury or illness? Ooh, maybe someone is volunteering or being co-erced into going to Vavau? Could it be that the producers are over the one team being so dominant? All will be revealed in the fullness of time.
You gotta love how Ten is so subtle and understated in their promos huh.


Yes it is back on the main 9, late, and late at night. So they are not doing fast track. 9 are stupid.
But I don't like the look of this one anyway, Millenials v Gen x, or something like that, sounds lame.

I skipped a lot of the last few series, didn't like the look of the cast.
I go on can't get enough survivor binges, and then to can't watch it for a while stretches.
My dear brother was a HUGE fan, I miss his phone calls, and he would have LOVED aussies getting a go.

I dream of an aussie Survivor with a Tim tribe versus a Tahan tribe, wouldn't that be cool???


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Just a little off topic, are we getting the US survivor? It's starts there ? This week??
Yes, it starts there on their 21st September.

Nine are holding it off until next Thursday night (29th September), putting it on the main channel (9) at 10, or 10.30 depending on where you live - better than not showing it at all, I suppose, but v disappointing.


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They're obviously concerned about Survivor AU's ratings. It was fine fast tracked on go at 7:30pm the past couple of years. Sucks to be them because most fans will watch it by other means.


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Love that this place is active again, even if it does mean catching up on around 30 pages when you miss an episode.

Have to echo the comments about Craig - he took defeat very well. Still not sure at this stage he was the best target - certainly the biggest competition granted but still think they needed his strength moving into future challenges and they'd have been better off getting rid of Sue at this stage, who is probably as stubborn as Andrew when it comes to "loyalty".