Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 16


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We need someone who is not Jordie to get voted out next tribal, so it's not those two against each other battling to get back in. Oh, wait, 'next time' is when Dave is going to make a move, hahaha. I want Shay to return and burn the place down with Jordie, somehow.


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& tonight on Sheepvivor ..... the challenge is to work out if the contestants are the sheep or if we are, cause we keep watching baaaaa....

baaa baaa everyone, thats sheep talk for good noight.....

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Does Jordie not know that Mark has an idol?
He knows, Mark revealed it to him
just after he found it. Not because he wanted to, but because Jordie is a bit like a fly when he wants something.

They are all bloody fools, could have easily have taken out their biggest threat. The downfall is that Jordie is chaotic. And Sam preaches that LNP “stability and balance” nonsense . Everyone else has tail between their legs.


Have we ever got this far into a season with so few standout personalities?
This season was about Sandra, the Gronks, Khanh, and the brothers.
No one else who is left even matters. That's 7 more people, who we barely know.
And that's with more airtime than US Survivor, where that is rarely a problem.


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God, this is a bigger chore than 50 days in the wilderness at the moment. Episodes too long and 90% of them being narrated rather than us seeing what is happening. No fun in so many challenges ending with a visit from the medic either.

Nobody willing to play either - shows how much of a set of no-stars Sam and Mark are by absolutely nobody targetting them. Has anyone even recognised them from previous seasons?

Usually the twist at the end pisses me off and it did here too as it felt like it was timed to coincide with the slim possibility of Sam or Mark going. That said glad Shay gets another chance. Hopefully Jordie can win immunity again and Dave's big super dooper plan which will land him in 6th place is put into action, and then Shay defeats whoever comes her way.