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American Idol 2013


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Clearly you do :D

All jokes aside, I watched the first couple of audition episodes and hated this season I found the whole judging panel too contrived and scripted. Very different from early American Idol seasons imo. I just think pigeon holing viewers of the show by age, gender or genitalia preferences is ridiculous.

Besides tastes change and mine have there are heaps of reality shows that I used to be obsessed with that these days I cannot believe I even watched and I am sure I am not alone.
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Obsessive :)
Still watching.......but Mariah is driving me insane. I'm fast forwarding through everything she says. Not a constructive thing to say. I would like the panel to be Keith and Randy. Get rid of the breathy diva and the nutball rapper.
Who was the girl in the black leather like dress?

One of the Judges liked her legs. I think it was Nikki Minaj.....