All Stars in 2021? - Wish List & Discussion


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Benjamin Norris seems to be a tad quieter on socials. I had met him previously a few years back and have notices his FB account has seemingly deactivated. My thinking is he is on the cast. Tully's post on insta is obvious indirect confirmation she is on the cast as well. So obviously the easiest way to narrow down the cast as easily as possible is to keep up with socials and see whose posting from today.
Yay! Was hoping Benjamin would be in the cast.

It’s like 2012 all over again! 🤩


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If we can’t get Tim Dormer, please bring back the next best (and actual BBUS fan) TAHAN!!!
She seems active on social media, and since she has recently had a child I don't think she would do it. I would guess she was contacted and declined. Same as Skye, I would guess Skye would've been contacted but wouldn't be able to commit.


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I think the housemates of over a decade ago or longer have mostly grown into new lives, starting families etc and pursuing other interests.
Having said that, there is certainly bb alumni who have no life and still want to get on the gravy train of insta-fame and its rich rewards(lol) before they eventually crawl back into the dark hole of obscurity.

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The only prime suspects from 2001 and 2002 that are plausible would be Peter, Blair, Nathan and Jess.

Depending what Nathan’s contract with Ten/Survivor is, I think the only likely candidate could be Pete. Maybe Jess, too.

Blair might’ve been asked, but based on his attitude toward the series in the 2020 Sunrise interview he’d probably say no.

Though let’s not pretend Seven have most likely offered decent $$$ to those they really want to nab.


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Ooops. Didnt mean my last post to sound so bleak. Apologies if it came across that way.
For example, I loved reggie. But I dont know how comfortable Id be watching her 20 years later ambling around a house. I guess Id feel like a voyeur or something. Kinda would feel intrusive watching. Probably just me.
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Wasn’t there a rumour/article or something about them having to give up on Reggie ?
For being unfit unable to film.....or just being a boring middle aged dimwit

I may be the only person who doesn’t like her much
She was occasionally amusing, but I don’t find people as dumb as a brick good viewing
And, she repulsed me how she treated the very long cruel break-up on tv


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She’s still inactive on Facebook so I’m inclined to think she’s on the cast. She’s usually an avid poster, I don’t see how she wouldn’t be included on this in some way.