All Stars in 2021? - Wish List & Discussion


A bit of a long one so bear with me…

With a format not dissimilar to the current season (an eviction per night) and aired as a short 12-episode run over 4 weeks, a Big Brother: All Stars could be a very interesting route for Seven to consider. To be honest, I’ll be surprised if they aren’t already considering it.

Packaged as a companion to a regular season, it’s fairly self-contained, likely cost-effective and could even be launched in summer as either a competitor to Ten’s I’m A Celeb! or to help sway viewers if the AusOpen doesn’t go ahead for Nine next year.

I imagine it'll be a very clever way for Seven to attract numbers too – the typical Australian viewer will tune in to see their “old favourites” back onscreen and the season could be marketed as the old HMs trying out/surviving this new version of BB’s house. What also works in their favour is, unlike the old format, no HM has any unfair advantages based on their original times in the house, as viewers are not voting (at least not until finale, but by then the HMs will have had breathing space to come into their own) and it really pits HM against HM to see who will come out on top. Not to mention, the whole “all stars” thing seems to be a big trend on TV at the moment, so why not?!

Seven will already have one season under their belt, people are growing accustomed to the game now and will likely feel more comfortable about it with each additional season.

If it didn’t already feel right, the fact that April 2021 coincides with the official 20-year anniversary of Big Brother Australia is an opportunity almost too perfect to pass up!

So, here are my picks for an All Stars version, and why…

My shortlist:
  • Peter Timbs (BB01)
  • Johnnie Cass (BB01)
  • Nathan Morris (BB02)
  • Regina "Reggie" Bird (BB03)
  • Paul Dyer (BB04)
  • Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald (BB04)
  • Vesna Tosevska (BB05)
  • David Graham (BB06)
  • Anna Lind-Hansen (BB06)
  • Aleisha Cowcher (BB07)
  • Tahan Lew-Fatt (BB10)
  • Tim Dormer (BB10)
  • Skye Weatley (BB11)
  • Soobong Hwang (BB12)

Fourteen familiar HMs competing across eleven main episodes, leaving three to battle it out at the end. I've aimed to pick “somebody for everybody” so hopefully most of my choices speak for themselves – an overall combination of some of the most recognisable faces, those still in the spotlight and relatively associated with the Big Brother brand, and a balance between HMs who showed potential for strategy and those for entertainment. By adding a couple HMs from the same season also provides a stimulant for initial alliances within the house. I also think the dynamics between these fourteen would be very interesting to observe.

Paul is probably my number one choice to contend; he is possibly the most strategic game player the old format ever had, whilst reasonably level-headed, intellectual and a much-needed balance in the house between left and right wing views. I am of the belief that any All Stars season, especially this format, would be a serious mistake without his involvement.

Reggie, Vesna and Skye are light-hearted value and genuinely funny by nature. Whilst we need that comedic relief, I’d say all three still have the smarts and potential to be cutthroat, which is what the game also requires.

Anna is currently getting a fair bit of media attention and recently did an interview where she showed a side to her personality we didn’t see during her time on the show. She also coined the “game on, molls” quote, now synonymous with Australian reality TV show culture, so there's no way they wouldn’t capitalise on this if she returned. Marketing would have a field day!

I also see Johnnie as a wonderful addition – athletic with potential to be tactical, as well as harking back to a golden era of the show. After all, he was portrayed as the OG “reality TV villain” in Australia. (Plus, have you seen him now? Enough said.)

Tim would be a clear threat from the get-go having competed in BBCAN, and Soobong would be another no-brainer. Soobong seemed to be well-received by viewers, can definitely take on the challenges and if I’m not mistaken holds the title for the shortest length of time spent in a BBAU house. So it’d be interesting to see how they'd spin his return and “second chance”.

Overall, I’ve tried to be as fair and well-rounded with the HMs I selected. I also realise there’s a slight gender imbalance in my shortlist, but admittedly I struggled to think of a seventh female who’d be both willing and considered an “all star” that would actually do it – so I'll throw it you... any ideas?? (Keep reading for why I didn’t choose some other obvious names.)

Other potential contenders:
It took me some time to decide whom I wanted to place in my mix of “all stars”. I tried to be both impartial and (importantly) realistic about my choices. There are naturally other HMs who came to mind, but for one reason or another I chose not to include. Merlin Luck, Tim Brunero, Greg Mathews, Michael McCoy, Camilla Severi and even Billy Bentley could all be interesting players on the show – all have also had ongoing media presences or are still well-known enough to be selected. I couldn’t see Bree Amer agreeing, primarily because she now works at Seven and has a young family, while another obvious choice is of-course Sara-Marie Fedele. Whilst arguably the most popular HM in BBAU, once upon a time I think Sara-Marie absolutely would've done it. But in recent years she seems to have deliberately been a little more private and, given the new format, I just don’t feel she’d jump at it.

Priya Malik would be perfect for this new format but I believe she now lives overseas? And I think Josh Moore is another very likely contender – not only is he a recent HM but I can imagine the show (read: Sonia) really ramping up a “redemption” arc for him given his initial time in the house was cut short.

Additionally, while I believe he’d be a great player, I purposely avoided adding Benjamin Norris to the list. Why? Not the reason you might think! His knowledge, insight and understanding of both the game and history of BBAU and HMs sets him up to make a fantastic commentator or co-presenter in some capacity during an All Stars season (don’t @ me for this). Love him or hate him, I honestly think this is where he’d be better suited and it’d give Sonia a chance to lighten the load. Maybe Eye Spy, perhaps?

Also… a crazy idea, but why not flip the switch and let Mike Goldman into the house to play too… he he he

Anyway... thoughts? Who would you like to see in a BBAU: All Stars house? Would the HMs play for charity or their own gain? How do you think the format and production might play out? Discuss!
Thank you so much for including me on your list, I really appreciate it. I was asked to participate however they changed their minds giving me the reason that I would clash with another housemate, as in the dynamics were too similar. I dont quite believe or understand it considering i was extremely popular ( from what I was told and just the general feel i got ) so none of it really adds up to me. Regardless, it was the best time in my life and I was looking forward to showing Australia how Ive grown throughout the years, overcoming a lot of adversity which has led me to become the woman I am today. Anyway, enough ranting.....hopefully they reconsider and put me in as a intruder!


Given their current ages (added above) the average HM would be 40 - well, 41 next year. I'm not sure this would appeal to the demograph Seven is targeting. I know a lot of hardcore fans like us would be very interested but I just don't think it would work, especially in the new format.
Ummmmm.....heard of the saying age is just a number? I couldnt relate this until recently. I may be older in years but i most certainly have not lost my insane personality. Im currently dating a guy 21 years younger than me, he thinks im a shit load of fun so there you go! Try me!


When I heard they were doing an all stars format with ex housemates and new housemates. I was like oh I've always wanted this idea to happen but it should of been a surprise for the viewers and the old housemates. And bring back the two house format, so bare with me here while I tell you my idea.

The launch should have a crowd and the new housemates should be escorted to the stage to meet Sonia by an old housemate to celebrate the history of the show and the anniversary but have the old housemates stick around and once all the new housemates are in their house and the doors are locked then Sonia can interview the old housemates and talk about why the show was a success and talk about some moments from the past.

and just before Sonia is going to thank them for being here as to celebrate the history of the show we hear...

BB - "This is Big Bother, Will all housemates please report to the front door and enter my house"

Sonia - "Big Brother, all of the housemates are already in your house, like we just saw them go in. I think he is losing his mind in his old age"

BB - "Sonia, Big Brother is quite serous about his housemates, I have 12 but room for 24 in my house, you know what needs to be done"

Sonia - "Yes of course Big Brother. So it seem Big Brother has invited you all here to be his other 12 housemates, Sorry should of actually mentioned that. If you guys could just go down that way you will find the entrance to your new Big Brother House, Good luck guys.

It would never happen like that but I think it would be cool.

((Also why does Jonnie BB01 remind me now of Vincent from BB03))


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Well it won't be as convoluted as that but I suspect the new housemates will go in first and only find out about the All Star housemates being part of the series once they're in. Of course if it were live that would be a real moment - but as the viewers knew six months ahead of the broadcast even though the new HMs didn't know at the time it'll come across as somewhat fake.