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Episode 2014 BB Launch Taping Updates/Discussion *SPOILERS*

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I wonder if the big brother live twitter feed will start tonight like they did last year or they will wait to tomorrow and pretend it's live


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Given that WA is quite behind the rest of the country, I would say you will be looking at next Friday week for the launch.


hahaha omg I would hate that so much. It sucks being 2 - 3 hours behind air time because I can't look on facebook, twitter nothing otherwise the episodes get spoilt for me :( Especially eviction nights!! Happened to me so many times last year.
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I can't, CAN'T WAIT!!! In saying that, I am going to try to avoid all the spoilers tonight and be surprised tomorrow night :p The main emphasis being on the word 'try' ;)


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Don't be like that. Stick around and hit F5 repeatedly like the rest of us.
^ Last year, opinions of housemates were posted on launch night and it wouldn't allow me to make a valid opinion myself. So yeah - I would like to make my own opinions before seeing what others thing :p

Good luck with that @JordanS ... I really mean it ;)
^ Thanks for that. I will need all the luck I can get.

Will-power my friend, something I have none of. :)
^ I will try my hardest but doubt it will work ha ha
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