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Episode 2014 BB Launch Taping Updates/Discussion *SPOILERS*

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Today, September 7th, is the Launch of Big Brother 2014!

Behind Big Brother will be live blogging the details that make it to social media on the front page: http://www.behindbigbrother.com/2014/09/launch-as-it-happens-spoilers/

In an effort to consolidate the predicted discussions about the launch taping into one easy to access location, this thread has been created. Please direct all discussion about the taping here. Additional threads will be merged or closed.

This topic will open for posting later this afternoon - just as soon as ticket holders are let into the the auditorium!

Large volumes of traffic are expected - there may be times the site and/or forums are unresponsive. If this does happen, wait a minute or two and try again. But with different forum software in operation for 2014, this is expected to be less of a problem.
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I'll be leaving from loan soon to be there just afer 5PM lol
I read on FB someone posted that they got in line at 2:30 this arvo..WTF


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The housemates must be shitting themselves right now:D
I honestly think the nerves would have settled for me after being in lockdown for a week(or so) and by now I would be buzzing with excitement! Then again that last few minutes of prep before being called down on stage with Sonia would be vomit inducing.
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