Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 55

6 October 2012

Posted by Tim

Stacey and Zoe are giving Delilah a bath. She is quite placid but wets the girls repeatedly when shaking. After her bath Delilah immediate starts rolling in the grass.

That evening, Layla is talking about girls in England – down south in Essex they are all fake but up north they’re all laid back and Layla’s friends are ridiculous. Sam asks “can I kiss them?”. Layla says “um, ok”. Angie explains that now him and Layla are macking on each other he’s not allowed to kiss her friends anymore. Sam says they have a different sort of relationship. Layla reluctantly says “yeah”. Sam suggests she come out with his friends and she would think differently. Layla feels weird and leaves, saying “call me” to Sam, who falls of his chair.

Once Layla is gone Angie tells him “that was such a bad move, that is something she did not want to hear” Sam then says “that was a test to see how she’d react”. Layla has gone to the diary room where she explains she’s “in a pee’ed off mood. Sam is a tit! What does he think I am to even say that sort of comment? He must think so little of me. I always make a joke of kissing all these frogs and that’s all I’ll ever do. I’ll be the old grey woman with long hair kissing all these frogs”.

She wonders how she’s going to tell him in front of everyone that she doesn’t want to sleep in the same bed as him tonight. Big Brother asks “where do you want to sleep?” and she replies “back with Stacey in my own bed where I’m safe”.

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